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Found 3 results

  1. Region:NL Server:EU Xbox ID:dennisie34 Hello everyone I cannot send a support ticket. It keeps telling me I didn't fill everything even when I did I tried it on chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge. Also tried it on windows 10,8,7 and mobile phone. I think the problem is when u are at the description and u all filled that up the text in slight gray comes back in the box I mean the text in slight gray u see before u entered anything in this box this keeps coming back even when I write my full ticket and wont let me send it because of that It doesn't make any difference if I try a other category So does any one have a solution? Greetings tensol
  2. Upon attempting to create a new account on the following page: https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Member/join/ I am unable to proceed to the second step, that of email verification. Making sure all parts of the step one form are complete the page appears to hang once the proceed button has been pressed. This has occured on both Chrome and Firefox, as well as on safari on my mobile device. There is no error message. It seems to load, shows me this (see attached screenshot), shows as loading once I press 'ok' then the popup disappears and I remain on the same page. This has been the case for each time I attempt to create an account over the course of several MONTHS now. Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone know where I can communicate this to the webmaster? Does anyone have any idea how i can get around this?
  3. account creation: fill out info, click everything needed, press next, get alert about not being able to change info after, hit ok, then nothing just stays on step one. Tried multi times, with two diff browsers... Thought maybe i created one a while back but when i goto recover password the alert says to try again later? HELP?