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Found 5 results

  1. If you build fishing boats or wagons on Xbox, and you have a character that you left at lv. 49. Then you should know the pain of the "blink", it happens when you get the notice " to use the clear memory piece" even though you have been blinking this message to me for months now, I have been deleted the memory piece, so give up I don't want that character to be lv. 50. This rant and that message aren't without grounding. That message causes a disruptive problem while trying to change the amount of "jobs" I tell my workers to do on my boats. I have to scroll all the way through EVERY worker and by the time I'm near the bottom BOOP it blinks and I apparently went from 10k Black Stone powder to ZERO. ...…........... Suggested Fix................... Just place the "Change" button above the worker list that is displayed when you click "Manage Crafting" from a wagon/boat workshop. Thank you and I hope this gets where it needs to be.
  2. So I have simple question. When I assign a worker to make, let's say, black powder. How do I set it to more then 1. Ex. I have 100 rough stones in Valia warehouse, a worker in valiant doing nothing, a refinery in valia. I select refinery, manage crafting, I select valuable worker, and the only option I have is 'hit X to start work'. No option to change amount.
  3. Dr INF3NRO

    UI suggestions

    Hi guys, Following the stream last week I have a few suggestions to make for the UI which in my opinion will help create a smoother and more pleasant experience in BDX. Quests - I would like to be able to hide and show the quest list whenever I like via a menu option. Workers - As of now we are able to cancel tasks only with the worker window. I'd love to be able to go to Map, enter a specific node and cancel a task for that specific worker. Chat - Chat is sometimes hard to read due to ingame lightning. A slider to dim chat background could easily solve this. Boss timer - something that's been discussed before. I'd RATHER not use third party applications or setup 8 different alarm clocks on my mobile. A simple ingame window with boss name and a count down is all we need. Lifeskill exp bar - I like to check my lifeskill level % when I engage in different lifeskill activities. I do this often when gathering or cooking and it's simply an inconvenience to open menu > profile > rb to lifeskill every single time. Id love to get life skill bars where the quest tracker is to monitor my progress while actively playing. Hope you'll consider some of this. Cheers!
  4. WeAreLegion

    Rename Workers

    So I am sure this is been brought up over the years with the PC version, but it would be not only super handy but super fun to be able to rename our workers! Ever since the original XCOM I’ve taken a perverse pleasure in renaming characters in my games after people in real life. 😝 Beyond my odd fetish for naming video game characters after people I know, there’s a practical organizational use for this: Being able to look through a long list of workers in immediately see who is doing what based on their name would be a tremendous help! Thanks for reading! Feel free to reply and bump if you support this idea. 😉
  5. Tkdzach1

    Auto Crate Processing?

    Is it possible to have your workers create crates or items within a house without having to manually start them every time?