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Found 20 results

  1. LegendaryLykaon

    The Arcadians {Recruiting}

    Guild Name: The Arcadians Guild Leader: LegendaryLykaon Guild Contact: LegendaryLykaon, Vaneth Reaper Guild Website: http://www.arcadianguild.com Guild Motto: Just a friendly, social guild for all Guild Currently Recruiting: Anyone and Everyone Guild Type: Social, PvE (PvP planned for future, need to build first) Guild Peak Time Zones: USA Description: We are just a small group that love to play together. Our leader, has been playing this game for a decent amount of time and is very willing to help out wherever you need it. We are not an Elitist group. We are merely a group of friends that love to hang out and be stupid. If you are interested, hit up the leader or Vaneth. We will be glad to have you! If a guild just starting out isn't your cup of tea, don't worry. I totally understand. But just remember, every strong guild has a starting point. Being brand new there is plenty of room for growth and leadership. We just ask that you are active and join our ever so wonderful(and often inappropriate) party chat once in a while. That is just for us to get to know you. If you are interested, please reply here, or contact LegendaryLykaon or Vaneth Reaper on Xbox Live. We are growing extremely well. We have a discord chat that we are working toward getting everyone in. We would LOVE to have you! The invite code is xTv9DX8 See you in game soon!
  2. Fury091014

    Fellow Xbox one gamers.

    I am also playing Black Desert but my post here is for fellow Xbox gamers. I reset my new console that i had bought specifically for Black Desert, the original console had a name (xbox_os_somethingsomething) can't remember the rest. The new set up afterwards auto named my Xbox one to (XBOXONE) My question that i have spent 3 days on with asking microsoft, and their support site with no help is. What is the original default Xbox one S's Console name? I want it set to that and not the auto one (XBOXONE) but the one that it came with when i 1st turned it on... Please help my mind out. I also know that i can re name it to whatever i wish but i really just want the default, no reason really.
  3. Noctis Umbrum [PvP] "Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep". Noctis Umbrum is a hardcore PvP focused-guild. We have been around for over 10 years across multiple MMORPGs/FPS/RTS/MOBA games typically represented at the top of leaderboards. We intend to dominate the competition here on Black Desert Online's NA Xbox servers from the moment the gates open. We are currently recruiting members in large capacity, and we have overflow guilds in place for members who will not fit in the primary guild. Black Desert is a game that is heavily PvP-focused, but at the same time requires consistent interaction with the other aspects of the game in order to remain relevant. Thus, even as a hardcore PvP guild, we are experienced in all other aspects of Black Desert. Information Noctis Umbrum consists of professional eSport players, and veterans across the board. Once boasted over 2000 members as community. Guild leadership consists of Black Desert Online veterans who have mastered life skills, node management, PvP, silver farm per hour, and all other aspects in between; and we are here to help you achieve your goals. We have built a portfolio of spreadsheets to guide you on your journey, from build and skill priority charts, gear drop rates, enhancement success, life skill guides, lore information, and In-Depth Class Guides for all classes. We are not an elitist guild, we are an elite guild. Meaning we do not discriminate against new or learning players; instead we help cultivate their skills and help them become the elite player themselves. Weekly Tournaments are held, with prizes available for the winners. [Code/Key/Cash/Giftcard] typically, as in-game trading is unavailable. 1 on 1 coaching for newer players with a mentor experienced in your class. Step-by-step help along your way from zero to hero. Professional Graphic Design artists to help you promote your Youtube / Twitch / Social Media pages with professional logos and the like. We have a Discord and Xbox Club where all of our members will be able to find links to all of the resources provided, and to also help keep communication between members. TLDR; We are a hardcore PvP guild comprised of legends across many different titles looking to find like-minded individuals to assert our dominance over the NA servers. We invite you to join us, and make a name for yourself. Please feel free to reach out for more information, or for an invite to our Discord / Club. Or leave your gamertag and/or Discord in the comments and we'll contact you ASAP. Gamertag: Kylerxius Prime Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/qeUeuKz
  4. Hey everyone the xbox Beta is coming to a close today and i know a lot of people have played the game so i figured making an easy to find thread of all out feedback would be rather helpful. My biggest problem with the game and the only thing that is making it something i don't want to buy is that the size ratio on my tv cannot be adjusted to make the game properly fit my screen. It is one of very few games that i have this problem with and one of very few games that does not have an ingame method to fix this issue. For me i have nearly an inch on all sides cut off and when you think about it thats alot. I can hardly see my xp bar, and minimap is cut off along with the bottom of my screen and a large chunk of the text from the quest helper. These things compiled make a fairly large issue for me. If this issue is fixed which is should be able to be fixed pretty easily if i am not mistaken. This is certainly a game i would play and drop a bit of money on for cosmetics and stuff. What other feedback does everyone else have?
  5. I will be looking for a good lifeskill, pve guild that does lots of active gathering guild quests. I'm not very interested in pvp, I don't plan on rushing to 56 or higher with any of my characters, I am pretty knowledgeable about the game, I want to relax and enjoy the game. I also don't want a guild with a name I don't like so send me a Lil info about your guild if you want a pve, lifeskiller like me, thanks
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick and somewhat obvious suggestion for people who own both xbox one and the one x and fear about wearing down the one x with afk activities. So basically, if you own a tv with dual HDMI you could connect both consoles to the tv and just switch between the source output (e.g. HDMI-1 & HDMI-2) on your remote controller. Just make sure you shutdown your game on the console you wont be playing. Use the xbox one for afk activities and switch to the one x when you're actively playing. Wear and tear would be miniscule on the one x even with afk activities but it stacks in the long run imo (might be just paranoid). Cheers
  7. I am the current leader of The Nation the platform we perform on is the Xbox one currently when the official game is released. My gamertag is GrimReaper3652 if you'r interested to be notorious for something greater. Kids below 16 will not be accepted in due to immaturity and lacking the desire to succeed.
  8. Game crashed when doing the quest, making the scroll disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. Pls halp ;-; In game Family Name: VanAzwick In game Character Name: Tizun
  9. Partynator

    Xbox One Beta impressions

    Hey Community, I've been waiting for this game for a while, and I can tell I liked it. However, I was counting on playing with one of the more newer classes (Ninja), but it's not available on the Beta. Will the full game have all the classes as the PC game? Also I want to share some impressions. First the good ones. Graphics are pretty amazing. Even not playing on xbox one x yet, I can tell it looks amazing. Combat system is kind of cool with the controller. I like more the idea of combos and chains, than the stupid 1 button, 1 skill as FFIV does. Bad impressions: All the servers were marked as Crowded... so when I got to a certain region, I was hard to distinguish my own player from the rest of the things in the screen. Not sure if this is how its going to be on the full game. Due the amount of things on the screen, I got a ton of lagging on these areas. I tried to pick another clothes from my character since the creation (also from the change appearance), and it did not work. My character got clothes I did not picked. As I mentioned, I really wanted to try the extra classes. One of the main reason I've been expecting this game, its because it has some classes that are kind of unique from the Other MMOs, so the fact that they are not on the Beta was a bit disappointing. Open questions: World Map is hard to understand, not sure if this is how the game is, but It could improve a bit. Weapon appearance not changing as you pick new weapons? I guess this is part of how the game works? same with armors? Having quests around Housing, Nodes, workers to explain the systems (which are also kind of unique) would be super helpful for new players like me. Looking forward to hear more about this game.

    Game won't load on Xbox

    I've tried delete, hard restarting and spaming it but it won't even open the game. I get to pearl abyss and then it kicks me back to Xbox home. Pls help
  11. Bloodshed

    Looking For Roleplayer’s

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for anyone that could role play and voice act to make this awesome YouTube series and also comic book. I’ve been working on the stories for a very long time and I wanted to share this story to the world ones black desert online comes out to the Xbox. So if you’re interested on role playing please let me know so we could contact you and give you all the information that you need for the role play. We want to literally make a strong fan base for the stories to come true, we’ve been working on this for a very long time now and we’re gladly appreciated to share with everyone around the world. So please if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll give the details and information that you need to know
  12. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    I just found out about the beta being open in 2 days, are people still able to opt into it...? I've played it on my pc before but I've wanted to play with a few other friends who sadly don't have very good pcs for gaming and won't be getting one anytime soon... Thanks, Suzumiko
  13. " To gostando desse alpha agradeço por esta participando, possíveis datas no vídeo rápido abaixo valeu! ". DEV:
  14. Asianhunk

    Asia / Sea server?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if they are going to create a server for asian countries or sea?
  15. will Black desert be for Xbox one as well as the Xbox one X and Xbox one S or just those last two??
  16. Brandon500xl

    The Police Department

    Going to be making a guild when the game comes out, message me when it’s out for an invite. My gamer tag is Brandon500xl guild will update this more once game is actually on Xbox. Thanks for anyone interested.
  17. So i play on pc, and have been for a year now, but am really hype to play console with my friend who don't have a good enough laptop/desktop. The thing i like the most about the game, is the graphics. But when it comes to Xbox i feel like there is going a big difference. Like in the the trailers, it was played on an xbox one x, i believe. I was just wondering how much of a difference would there be if one were to play on an X and a standard edition, because in games like PUBG where the game looks lovely on the One X. In my opinion are not the good for normal consoles compared to the X. Would we be seeing a difference like that?