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Found 41 results

  1. Havoc is now recruiting! We are a hardcore focused PvP guild that’s going to be involved in sieges and node wars (but that doesn't mean we won't do PvE content). ________________________________________________________ I’ve had experience with successfully leading players in ESO with capturing and securing Keeps, I also was a high ranking member in a top PvP guild. I hope to bring my experience and leadership to help the guild reach new heights ________________________________________________________ For the time being our guild will be flexible in the people we let in since the game will soon to be released, but we will be more strict in terms of joining and staying in the guild at a later date since this is not going to be pleb PvP. For now we are accepting anyone who is down for sieges and other guild events. ________________________________________________________ Benefits: Daily Wages - Pay outs are daily and depending on how much you contribute and if we win a war will determine how much you will be payed Guild Skills - Straightforward Guild Housing - I will make sure our guild gets a guild house A community of PvPers as passionate as you Guild Events - Tournaments, Guild Boss Fights, *cough* Fishing Events, and esc... Never a Dull Moment - We will always be fighting guilds for the most power in BDO so members always have a goal that they can fight for. Experience - We have experienced and non-experienced members that can help elevate our guild faster and higher ________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for more information or is interested message me. Leave your gamertag or discord in the comments and I'll be sure to get to you. Xbox: @YahNothing We have a Discord that we would appreciate if you’d join. Goal: 100 players before launch
  2. Hi all SixDegrees is now recruiting new and old members that will be playing on the EU Servers. The guild itself is a new guild and we will be based on the calpheon server, we will be a PvX guild so there is something for everyone that joins the guil. SixDegrees won't just be a guild it will be a place that you can call home and be apart of a family within the black desert coomunity, We will be a casual guild, the only thing i will ask from our members is that they will be able to put one night a week aside for doing guild activities to help progress the guild. So feel free to drop me a message if you are interested in joining the guild
  3. Captain Nicklas

    Another chance to test the game?

    Hello everyone, I didn't get an invite to the beta on Xbox and now i'm wondering if that was the last chance we get to try out and test the game. It's still a long way from here to march 4th. Is there any information about a final test session or anything? I'm a big MMORPG fan and BDO looks really awesome but i'm not used to this type of combat and the way the game works so i'm really curious to see how it feels to play.
  4. BLACK DESERT XBOX ONE X e pc. Grupo criado para junta a galera que que nunca jogou Black Desert antes. E também pra galera que joga no pc e pretende jogar Também nos console, quando o jogo for Lançado... GRUPO DO FACEBOOK | Black Desert - XBOX ONE - PC BRASIL Para que possamos nos unir com proposito de trocar experiências, dicas, tutorias, socializar, comercializar e nós unir independente da plataforma em que iremos jogar.
  5. og_king_smurf

    <Apex> Recruiting

    <Apex> is a community driven guild looking for active players. We have an active Discord and are looking for more members who are interested in joining a well-established community on Xbox. Our goal is to be Competitive but to have fun doing whatever you enjoy inside and outside of the game. New and seasoned players are welcome! The guild is comprised of both veteran and new players alike! If you are a new player, we have the knowledge and resources to help you in achieving your goals. If you are a veteran player, we will be looking forward to having your hardened game knowledge and skill to aid us in node wars, guild progression, and more! We do not like mandatory tasks but we do have some simple rules in place to keep the guild afloat and to keep the guild running smoothly! Joining our guild Discord is unfortunately mandatory as it keeps us aware of who is in our guild and helps us give you updates on what weekly events are running, what guild quests we are doing, and also to provide assistance to all our members. We will do weekly guild events such as guild boss scrolls, PvP (Either Battle Arena training or Node Wars), and more. Guild Pay is strictly based on merit and contribution and will be rewarded via weekly bonuses and other methods. If you are interested, please contact Og King Smurf on xbox or on discord Smurf#1263
  6. Max

    [FR] Guilde Exodia

    Bienvenue sur le topic du recrutement de la guilde Exodia Xbox ! La guilde a été créée pour un seul but être une des meilleures guildes tout en étant une famille ! Donc les personnes qui ne communiquent jamais ou qui restent seules dans son coin quand il est bloqué sur quelques choses on n'en veut pas ! Je ne vais pas faire une présentation de fou avec des images etc car j'ai rejoint des guildes avec de bonne idée, des bonnes présentations etc mais au final à la bêta il y a eu aucune communication, donc à vous de me faire confiance et bien sûr ça ne vous empêche pas de quitter et partir chez quelqu'un d'autres si la guilde vous plaît pas ! - Âge minimum demandé est 18 ans mais nous pouvons accepter moins si vous avez un minimum de respect et de maturité. - Les grades seront indiqués sur le discord, sur le club officiel de Black desert online France et en rappel en vocal si besoin. - Les entretients se feront en vocal pour avoir une idée de la mentalité et la motivation de chacun - Ne nous obligons rien bien sûr mais un système de contrat et obligatoire pour rentrer dans une guilde qui dit contrat, dit participation à la guilde, les contrats seront discutés pendant l'entretien ! Moi-même je ne connais pas le jeu, mais j'ai géré plusieurs guildes de 100 à 1000 personnes et nous sommes souvent rentré dans le top 50 des meilleures guildes notamment sur perfect world ou j'ai été 30e mondial et écho of soûls ou j'ai été 1er mondial En PvP. On se retrouve en jeu à l'ouverture officielle ou à la bêta ! Mon gamertag : Max L FR
  7. JustJay

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Although Xbox doesn’t have it yet, they’re in the making of adding mouse and keyboard support in which a great number of people are able to test out in the insider program. It’d be nice if a little later after release or so if you could add mouse and keyboard support for Black Desert on Xbox.
  8. Elusive Specter

    Mythos is recruiting new members

    GR > Mythos (Mythology Imperium) - PvP(Node/Siege/GvG/PK) Content Clear | Adventure | Life Skill | New Friendly | - Interest? Add @ Discord Elusive Specter#4818 | GT: Elusive Specter | (Discord Required) Message GT if question about Discord
  9. FallenLucifer00

    Black Sparrow Guild recruitment

    Black Sparrow is looking for guild members, we're a jack of all trades guild that looks to take part in every aspect of the game, we welcome anyone who can contribute to the guild in anyway and have a variety of guild roles, must have a discord and be 18+ to join https://discord.gg/tQ9REmz
  10. Critical Mass is now recruiting. Our main focus for the guild will be all PvP aspects in the game with a dash of what PvE the game does offer. We will be recruiting up to 100 players and only be keeping active members in guild to make sure no one has to carry any extra slack in the massive PvP events. Also, with 100 people you will never be alone especially if you are coming up against other players out in the world that may want to gank/grief. We will still be doing other activities in the game though that aren’t tailored to PvP, but as the games focus is PvP that is where our focus will be lying. If you are interested feel free to leave a comment here or message me on the site. We have a Discord server and Xbox Club that we can socialize in before and when the game comes out. If you prefer to message me on Xbox my gamertag is DarkcelI (second “L” in my name is an uppercase i, on Xbox).
  11. Raft is stuck on shoreline at Mariveno Island. It must be low tide! Near Andorsen NPC. Tried manual moving, auto run, moved way point, etc. Switched servers. Raft is stuck on shoreline. Used ESCAPE to move to safe place and it put me on Weita island without my raft. Looks like I'll drown before getting anywhere else now. NA server 11/12/2018 ~4:00pm
  12. THOMSON72

    Russian PvP Guild

    Ведется набор в гильдию с PvP уклоном. Рады будем видеть игроков которые уже играли в ПК версию и знают что им предстоит делать в этой игре, так же без проблем возьмем новичков у которых есть желание играть и развиваться и тех кто определился со своим классом. Вообщем набираем бойцов любящих сражаться. Мой геймертаг в Xbox Live - THOMSON72 Пишите или кидайте инвайт в командный голосовой чат и обсудим с вами любые вопросы.
  13. angryps4gamer

    Official Launch Topic

    I have a question, Also this is a good Thread for chatting about the official launch of Black Desert on XBOX. Question, Since beta is about over and they need to go over all the data. Do they have a time frame for an official launch? Are they going to add value packs for 30 days in game? If so i think those are great items (like a sub) but you can remake your character as many times as you want which is awesome. Are Mystic, Striker, DK and Lahn going to come out with the launch? This will be a pretty big patch if they add kama region into the game as well. Also this would give me enough time to get an xbox 1 so i can play the game.
  14. iFroosty

    An eye for an eye bug quest?

    So i got stuck with [an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? quest, kill the red orcs already but i cant find the serendia's quatermaster idk if is npc or not can you help me?
  15. months ago when a person googled Black Desert Online. The company was shown as Pearl Abyss and right underneath that had shown, PC/PS4/XBOX1 Now i have been playing BDO published by Kakao for 3 years and my laptop can barely run it. I was excited when i saw that it was coming to consoles. Then come to find out they took the (PS4) out of the consoles that BDO is on and or will be on... I want to know if Black Desert will come out for the PS4? PA, you fooled us ps4 gamers with that false advertisement a few months back! Look i and many playstation 4 gamers would love to have BDO on it, Even if its a (yes BDO for ps4 will do a Beta soon) P.S. If not i will be looking into selling my pos laptop to get an xbox 1 just for bdo...
  16. Dorian Gray

    Bug need help

    I used the forgotten secret scroll on 2 characters, and it disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. I'm still stuck on this quest "a memorial service for the fallen: since Nov 8th In game Family Name: ExiledSinners In game Characters Name: Aurora_Melora, and Guts_Jr
  17. KisameSouth

    My Feedback (1st timer)

    So yesterday I got to play one of the most anticipated games I've been looking towards. This game in my opinion is unlike anything I have ever played on the system and I do in fact enjoy it. I do have some things I would suggest to change. I will list and put my reasoning sow. With it as well. -A lock on system: I spent about 10 hours yesterday grinding through and enjoyed the heck out of the combo system that is here. The one problem I kept on coming to was in fact this. I would try to attack an enemy and do some of my charged attacks and completely avoid them. I want to say this should be a focus to apply into the game if possible. -Feeedom in customization: What I mean by this is post CAC. I think it would be amazing if you were able to change the armor colors and even the clothing at that. I do enjoy the CAC alot but I feel this should be implemented in. -Ease for console: the one thing that was incredibly frustrating to me yesterday was trying to get my friends to join me. I get that this is a PC Port but I would think the utilization of having friends for the OS should be plain and simple. My last thing I want to talk about is something that the PC does not have as well. -No Race restrictions: it's 2018... I think this could be something to look and implement in the main game. That is pretty much it. The only other thing I was thinking was adding a great amount of servers but I did notice that change. Thank you for whoever reads this. This was just my feedback on an awesome title.
  18. When I pick my character, it loads but then makes weird noises (like dialup/stuttering) and kicks me out to the home Xbox menu. It does this every single time. I successfully have played the game one time. With a new character, it does the same thing. Very annoying and I’ve tried over 20 times in the past 2 days.
  19. Wolfcryxiii

    Game won’t Launch

    whenever i try and launch the game, it just starts up at the beginning screen and then goes back to the home screen. i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and hard resetting my xbox but nothing works.
  20. Recently Beond created a Xbox club for Black Desert. The club is public so anyone can join. If any of you are interested then feel free to join. The name is just Black Desert Xbox. Also for any interested. There is a public discord for Black Desert Xbox as well that I will leave here https://discord.gg/u8JkhJ5 for anyone insterested as well.
  21. I'm super excited for this but I have no idea how to get it. I don't see anything about it on the xbox store. Thanks for all of your help. I know i'm dumb.
  22. sQuartwox

    Xbox One S

    I sold ps4 and today bought an Xbox one S, Lord, I finished it when I took the joystick in my hands, if I did it in Morder, I do not regret buying it)))
  23. Bloodshed

    Searching For Rolepalyers

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for anyone that could role play and voice act to make this awesome YouTube series and also comic book. I’ve been working on the stories for a very long time and I wanted to share this story to the world ones black desert online comes out to the Xbox. So if you’re interested on role playing please let me know so we could contact you and give you all the information that you need for the role play. We want to literally make a strong fan base for the stories to come true, we’ve been working on this for a very long time now and we’re gladly appreciated to share with everyone around the world. So please if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll give the details and information that you need to know
  24. Bloodshed

    Looking for RolePlayers

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for anyone that could role play and could voice act to make this amazing YouTube series and also comic book. I’ve been working on the stories for a very long time and I wanted to share this story to the world ones black desert online comes out to the Xbox. So if you’re interested on role playing please let me know so we could contact you and give you all the information that you need for the role play. We want to literally make a strong fan base for the stories to come true, we’ve been working on this for a very long time now and we’re gladly appreciated to share with everyone around the world. So please if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll give the details and information that you need to know.
  25. Can't find any info on this question But would it be possible to get your account and characters from PC over onto xbox?