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Found 152 results

  1. Just wanted to please request for the Meahwa to be added to the game for Xbox soon. I want to play again but not with a class I won't stick with.I have all the equipment ready and I'm just waiting 😔
  2. 🔥 Sacred Souls is recruiting!🔥 💫 Very active discord community 🏹 Weekly/Daily events, guild dueling tournaments, giveaways and more ❤ Drama and toxicity free, zero tolerance for anything of the such ⚔ Optional Node Wars are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Mandatory Seige on Saturday. 🛡 Gear Score | 500+ Caster | 520+ Zerk and Striker | 540+ all others. Exceptions can be made ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ *Looking for players available for siege on Saturday.***⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Currently we are sitting north of 80 members and looking to start locking things down. With that being said, we have room for mature, dedicated, drama free players that want to compete at a high level without the stress of a typical 'top rated' guild! Stop by our Discord, say hi, see if we are good fit for you! https://discord.gg/SFxFEgN
  3. Hey everyone, this is a suggestion for the Devs, but feel free to chime in comments about any of your suggestions to fix our Nightcrow (foward) So as we all know, the xbox way for nightcrow is pretty lame, for most of us, we don't even use it and go side to side while moving camera to stay in the combat. So my idea would be a flow for our awakening. What I mean is while in awakening state, if we Shadow Leap and hold Left Trigger while doing it, we come out of Shadow Leap sprinting. I feel like instead of sprinting if we hold Left Trigger after Shadow Leap it will automatically Nightcrow (Foward) for us. Another good player I know also suggested that after Shadow Leap we tap Right Trigger once to activate Nightcrow (Foward) Sorry if the wording is a little off, feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks, Memes.
  4. I normally been able to set down my fences and farm but lately it has not bee allowing me to plant anything. This has been going on for 2 updates and am wondering if it is a known issue.
  5. The Halloween season has crept upon Black Desert. Jump in game and subdue Isabella the Black Witch, exorcise the evil spirit Spook, partake in Halloween quests, and more! This holiday season is packed full of tricks and treats. 🎃 ow.ly/lckf50wMZ5K
  6. Dress up for the spooky season with the Pursuit of Darkness Pack! Available in the Pearl Shop for a limited time on both 𝐗𝐛𝐨𝐱 and 𝐏𝐒𝟒. http://ow.ly/L4Cb50wH46P
  7. On October 16 for Black Desert 𝐗𝐛𝐨𝐱, Tamers can embark on a quest to uncover their secret past and unlock their true power with the Awakening weapon – The Celestial Bo Staff. ow.ly/nZSl50wIYza
  8. Berserkers Beastly Windslash, specifically, Ultimate Beastly Windslash is not working as intended on Xbox. It doesn't work at all. It has been bugged since launch, please fix this, I have already submitted a video of the issue, you guys gave me the heads up you would be looking into it, but since last patch nothing has been changed or updated.
  9. MagicTavern GM: q Hephaestus p(SomeOneAwesome) Guild Members: 47+ members Guild Skills: All AP +5(Mastered) All Accuracy +1 Skilled Rider Trade Itm Prot. +10% Siege Weap. Dmg Res. +10% Max HP +80 Damage Reduction +5(Mastered) Gathering Level +3(Mastered) Fishing Level +3(Mastered) Social: Discord Mixer: mixer.com/Hephaestusx Instagram: qHephaestusp Twitter: qHephaestusxp Guild Style: We are mainly focused around PvE based gameplay. PvP when we need to or wanna have fun 😉. Life skillers are allowed in our Guild as well. Looking for New & Vet players to join our family there are no requirements to joining the Guild, if you wanna make money and enjoy the game give MagicTavern a try. Every weekend we do boss scroll runs & throughout the week Guild quests are active. We are a growing guild open to all players who are willing to play as a team or solo all types are welcomed here. We also have a Guild Discord, upon joining the Guild you can join our Discord to make communication easier. The Discord is used for everything Guild related so I encourage you to join the Guild+Discord 👀 *If Interested pm me on xbox(q Hephaestus p)*
  10. This weekend Black Desert GM’s will ring Golden Bells across all servers on PS4 and Xbox. Be sure to log in during the event times to receive the 100% increased Combat EXP boost to help you on your adventures!
  11. Adventurers! Please share you entries for the ‘Kama-snap-ia!’ event here. To ensure that your entry is counted, please make sure your post follows the correct format. Region: NA/EU Character Name: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link: By linking your post here, you will be entered into competition to win a $30/€30/£30 Xbox Gift Card! Full details and terms and conditions can be found on our website at https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=1357&category=3
  12. Hello, new gamer here (minutes away from level 56, Dark Knight; GS 250ish? I'm sure it can be higher if I knew what to do)! I'm looking for a friendly guild that could help me learn the game, not get killed every 5 minutes, give me some non-judgy guidance, and where I can contribute whatever time, resources, and skills I can. GT: docmonaco69 Thanks!
  13. Guild Name: MagicTavern GM: q Hephaestus p Skills Mastered: Fishing(mastered) Gathering(mastered) Notes: I am looking to recruite all types of players new or vet's. I have no requirements so that means your GS doesnt matter. Just have fun in the guild and grow as an adventurer! If you or a friend are looking to join ALL ARE WELCOMED!!! 😆
  14. Hi, Wie es im Topic bereits steht, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gilde auf der XBox. Ich spielte BDO bereits rund 2000 Stunden via Steam auf dem PC. Da ich aber ein Xbox-Jung war und bin, wechselte ich natürlich von PC zur One und hab dort jetzt schon runde 700 Stunden Spielzeit angesammelt. Derzeit bin ich Lvl59 (48%) und Lifeskille mehr, als ins Gefecht zu ziehen. Bevorzugt gehe ich PVE ins Getümmel. Da ich 2-facher Familienvater bin und im Schichtdienst arbeite, sollte man mich nicht auf irgendwelche Zeiten festnageln. Bin i.d.R. aber im erfass- und erreichbar. Gruß Andi
  15. I am already aware of what armor and weapons I should be running but I'm at 198ap awk.192 and do is 267 I have the duo seraps necklace and schultz belt. What should I be considering on using for my rings and necklace? I was thinking crescent rings and witches earrings but I want to add dp as well as ap I'm a level 59 striker about to be 60 so I will be getting some skill upgrades 😁😆
  16. We are currently recruiting any and all types of players New or Vet. We have mastered gathering and fishing Guild Skills and if you wanna find out more?.. Just contact me 😁 ALL PLAYERS are welcomed!!
  17. Misread the thread! Lol
  18. MagicTavern MASTERED GUILD SKILLS: Gathering & Fishing We are a PvP & PvE guild. We have only 1 requirement when you join the guild and that is be active (login at least once/day) All are welcomed NEW or VET. If interested message me GT: q Hephaestus p
  19. Let’s talk Classes. Which class do you think is coming first? (not archer because it’s in-game.) Which are you most excited about? Will your main change, when these classes come? Which is your favorite? Which will you play the least? Which is the worst?
  20. <Serviam> 🔥Serviam, Valencia-2 is now recruiting🔥 Just started this guild, looking for dedicated or new players that are willing to be active and partake in a growing guild! Drama free! Will be able to help new players! Whisper me on V2, MamiMarisol is my ingame name! Or join the discord @ https://discord.gg/TBrYWKd
  21. It seems all my friends that play BDO in Xbox X don’t have this issues with lag and rendering that I have with my Xbox one Fat. So are you gonna fix this problem or are you forcing us to buy a new console? It’s impossible to keep playing this way.
  22. Hello so I was wondering if it's possible to bring back special deals? I used to play pc and farm with guildies. it made everything so much easier and more fun. (For those who dont know what special deals is) It's a party loot system where all loot that drops while near eachother as a party goes automatically to the market place and the silver gets split evenly between whoever is in the party!
  23. I have tried the quest on every single server on xbox and no luck with the npc Timor being there to complete the quest. I have also reset the quest as well as resetting the xbox. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a way to complete the quest? I have included a screenshot of where the game says he should be. Only ones there are protestors and a very confused ninja (me).
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