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Found 183 results

  1. Hey, Xbox Adventurers! Pearl Boxes are now 20% off in the Microsoft store because, why not!? 😜🎉 Store link 👉 https://bit.ly/2NHdLTq
  2. Polska gildia Hussars rekrutuje. PvP, NodeWar, bossy gildyjne, wypłaty w zależności od aktywności. PS4 oraz XBOX. Zapraszamy na Discord po wiecej informacji. https://discord.gg/kcrxfET
  3. Polska gildia Hussars rekrutuje. PvP, NodeWar, bossy gildyjne, wypłaty w zależności od aktywności. PS4 oraz XBOX. Zapraszamy na Discord po wiecej informacji. https://discord.gg/kcrxfET
  4. <Presence> Are you looking for a guild that is active, mature, and has long term BDO goals and aspirations? Are you interested in joining trees groups, doing guild missions actively, weekly Garmoth, and other group content? Do you want more BA practice, GVG fights, and PVP opportunities without the hassle of toxicity? Presence Is Recruiting! Features ✅ Weekly Battle Arena practice sessions ✅ Weekly Garmoth guild boss scrolls ✅ Consistent, daily Mirumok Ruins (trees) groups ✅ Regular, non-toxic guild vs. guild activities ✅ Weekly node wars preparation (working towards Tier 1 node wars participation) ✅ Active, knowledgeable players with guild growth in mind (always willing to help and answer questions) ✅ Lively Discord channel with guides, game information, and friendly conversation ✅ Nightly open voice chat groups for both events and casual nights ✅ Home server: Rulupee Requirements to Join 🔶 Age: 18+ [The community aims to draw in like-minded players; an age minimum helps maintain that.] 🔶 Gearscore: 500+ [Our community is full of people who have been playing BDO for a long time; gear score is one way to see how active and engaged you are in game. The score is less important than activity and a desire to keep progressing, so we are flexible.] 🔶 Activity: [We are made up of players who are well-rounded and well-versed in all the different aspects of the game, and are looking for like-minded individuals. We are looking for players who are active enough to have goals in BDO and strive for them.] 🔶 Discord Mobile App: [Discord is a requirement because it allows for planning and organizing the more complex events. It is also how the guild spreads important information to all of it's members regarding pvp, events, guild missions, group formations, and other group content.] 🔶 Temperament: [Our group of players are driven and eager to continue progressing and exploring everything BDO has to offer, but not at the cost of others. We are respectful, down-to-earth, and friendly. We have a no toxicity policy. We expect new recruits to act similarly.] Contact Us You can contact us for more information or to join our discord by: 💬 Replying to this thread 💬 Messaging the following people on Discord: Lumbee#5859 ; Ynalia (Eviscerielle)#6668 ; Valkillrie#1552 ; Me36878(Tera36)#6858 💬 On Rulupee (our home server), send an in-game message to: Lumbee, Ynalia, Valkillrie, Tera36
  5. Greetings Adventurers! Join us this weekend, from the comfort of your home, while we stream an event fit for a king or queen! 🤴👸 Info: https://bit.ly/2M61Dec Airing on Twitch and YouTube: NA: 5/30 1AM~3AM (PDT) EU: 5/30 9AM~11AM (UTC+1) ASIA: 5/30 5PM~7PM (GMT+9)
  6. {Elementals} Over here at Elementals we are a community based guild. A friendly, relaxed guild designed with new players and old players in mind. We run as a pvx guild so we try to cater for every players needs. If we want anything its for you to have a nice time as we all learn and get strong together. Grow, learn and have fun 😄 As we grow our little community of players we will host the following Guild missions Guild bosses PVP practice Node wars While you as a member continue to get comfy and stick around we are firm in that we reward our members with up to 5mill daily pay contracts. We also have full guild buffs and perks to top it off. We are a EU with crossplay. I have a zero tolerance for drama in the guild and we have some small rules to keep the game fun for all players of BDO. For more information please hop on over to our discord and get to know us or speak to me directly. We look forward to your visit https://discord.gg/6nQGjRv We also have a facebook group for you guys to join as well if you would like. https://www.facebook.com/groups/244275230256844/?ref=share
  7. Just a new guild looking for members for PvE, life skills, guild missions and etc. No level or gear score requirements. Super small guild, like only 2 people lol. 18+ required though. If you're interested in building a chill guild then let me know 😁
  8. I, Primus, run a small guild on the European continental server and we're slowly getting bigger. We run bosses and/or guild missions a lot, so leveling up your character with us is a piece of fish. PvE means Player versus Enemy, Computer generated non-player-characters ("NPC") which we attack for quest completion. PvP means Player versus Player. This is the art of battle between two actual human beings rather than NPC enemies. We're PvE only. We do not have any interest in PvP. As a rule, PvP is for party defense only. We don't want complaints or drama resulting from our guild killing people unfairly. We will defend ourselves and we have made alliances, however. We are also being used, happily, as a training guild. Some PvP guilds want their friends, as a personal choice, to get good with boss fights, and other aspects of the game before getting good at PvP with their own guild with references from us. That's fine. This strengthens our presence and ensures a place for all in the game. If you join, you would get paid daily wages in addition to your loot. Also, you'd enjoy passive boosts to AP, accuracy, health and more every day that you're with us. We don't keep lazy moochers though. Do your bit with guild missions whenever you can, this makes sure everyone gets a wage and extra boosts when available. A Microphone headset would be essential for working with us; we need to be able to communicate efficiently during heavy action. Tactics, heals and location requests are frequent and take too long to type, Xbox Party voice ("vox") is much faster and social. Don't worry if you're shy, we just need to know that you're listening and acting as part of the team. We also have a Facebook page and group to help facilitate communication between larger membership later on, and a few of our members are using it as a great photo album too. It's brought the guild closer as a team and friends already. We have formed a daily group of friends and we always welcome more. If this sounds like the guild for you, post below and either me or my guild officers will get something sorted. Thank you for considering us. - Primus
  9. -VIOLATE- PVP GUILD RECRUITING ACTIVE 500+ GS PLAYERS GUILD ACTIVITIES PVP TRAINING GvG GUILD BOSS NO NW(YET) FAMILY TYPE VIBE We Are Primarily A PVP Guild But Also Enjoy Participating In Life skilling activities Only 2 Requirement We Do Have Is To Join Our Discord and to be 500+GS join us while theres room. Join Our Discord At https://discord.gg/udJv6R
  10. Liebe Abenteuer wir Lupus Dei suchen neue Mitstreiter die mit uns gemeinsam in die Schlacht ziehen für Ruhm Reichtum und Ehre. Bei uns wir Spaß großgeschrieben jedoch wird das Ziel nie aus den Augen gelassen. Du möchtest ein Teil einer Gemeinschaft werden in der jeder einzelne Zählt dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Hab nur mit gesell dich dazu werde Teil des Rudel. Xbox PVX NW ist im Aufbau Freundlichkeit hilfsbereit Zum schnacken ist immer jemand da Ab +18 Bei Interesse bitte bei Luerza melden oder einen Kommentar hinterlassen
  11. Here in my guild everyone is welcome, new, experienced, and etc. Were also a PVE only Guild(we may do PVP down the line but at the moment not so much.) I just want a guild of friends, to chill and grind with. and kinda get the guild set up at the moment. Also i'm not super used to this game either, i still don't know everything. (Im a striker level 56) in this guild we will help the beginners out, do world bosses, farm items, help set up Nods. and etc. also mic is not required but is prefered. our guild Name is Cronus.
  12. Wisdom is a PVP | Node Wars COMMUNITY consisting of 21+ level headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and playing the game with others. We have a highly knowledgeable leadership team, all guild skills mastered, very active discord and voice chats, daily missions $, scroll runs, and a fun ranking system with a lot of advancement opportunities. We are a console guild, ps4 and xbox welcome. 500 GS+, everyone must join Discord and be an active team player. We are a PVP focused guild but we all would be able to do as we wish in terms of other in-game game styles. If you're interested, just comment below.
  13. Что мешает добавить русскую локализацию? Я думаю, что это не так сложно, просто перенесите версию с ПК на консоль. What prevents to add Russian localization? I think this is not so difficult, just transfer the version from the PC to the console.
  14. Hello Pearl Abyss, Dear Developers, Hi @CM_Valtarra, my newest Quality of Life suggestion is something what happened to a lot of people who are in guilds. I'm talking about "undeclaring" war by accident. What does this mean? When you are in hurry and press the "Options" and then press the "Cross-Button" twice on Guild, it happens that you undeclare war to the first Guild which showed up. What do I want? I suggest that when you want to undeclare war first got a message with something like [Are you sure you want to undeclare War on -GUILD- guild? If yes press "Cross" to accept if not press "Circle"] . With that you aren't able to undeclare War by accident anymore. Best regards
  15. Hey Team and Community, There is a massive issue for the upcoming update for both PlayStation and Xbox players in regards to the name changes. On the 25th of February GM_Calpheon was in Xbox M1 server answering some questions and the name change was brought up. I along with many others strongly feel like this is unnecessary and the easy route. We were told this is to make it fair for both communities... How is it fair that Xbox was exclusive and had access to the game first and people payed for the preorder JUST to reserve their name in-game. I personally have followed BDO for years but never played on pc due to not owning one, BDO came to console and I was very excited... I have used this name since I was 12years old and I'm now 29... I have played games such as RuneScape,World of Warcraft,Guild wars,Elder scrolls,EVE Online just to name a few MMORPGS, I have also used this name for tons of other things both gaming related and not. Now because we are of Crossplay I could be lossing this name if someone takes it, because they like it, want it or just so I can't have it... The only way for me to secure my name is to be the first online and redeem the name change first before someone else(this was stated by GM_Calpheon picture added),. I work 40hours a week and have a family so I can't get on just to secure a name that I already "own" in-game.. Personally I think it should be the person that made the name first should have priority over the other the other person.... Yes this does open the discussion of that not fair on PlayStation players... But that's not Xbox players fault due to they had exclusive access to the game. Now that both consoles have access to the game and are merging together, it's the Xbox players that are suffering and losing out most. A rework seriously needs to be talked about were the person that made the name first has priority,. This goes for all names... Character names. Family names. Guild names.
  16. Are we going to get voice chat between the consoles in the march 18th update? It kind of sucks that I have to use a second device to do voice chat with my xbox and ps4 friends/guild members. There are also some who refuse to use discord or dont have a device that supports discord. At very least if you guys can give a time frame for players to get excited about...
  17. We could get a little better performance on consoles if there is an option to hide pets.
  18. Hello everyone Murderburger_ here 😎, just wanted to say hello to all new and veteran console bdo. I have official come back to Console BDO about 3-4 days ago and will remain here for the long haul, if anyone has any questions or wants to hang around and goof off you can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/murderburger_ I use to be a BDO partner but stepped down a month ago due to performance issues and some other reasons... but in the recent 30 days since stepping down BDO has been putting forth some effort into fixing these issues along with my community strong arming me to come back 🥺 hep plz. I am glad to be back! PS5, and the new Xbox coming out this year should make exciting changes to graphics/performance of BDO for all of us console players, along with Cross-play can't wait to meet some new people! 🤖
  19. Kunoichi makes her long awaited debut on Black Desert Xbox today! Learn more about the enchanting shadow in the latest GM Note here: http://ow.ly/ZoRW50xNLbM
  20. <Vein> Xbox EU guild We are currently recruiting all classes for active PvP! Minimum Gearscore of 500+ (480+ for witch/wizard, Shai and berserker) We do nodewars every night, and conquests every Saturday. We have a very active discord and a great community of players. Feel free to join the discord and introduce yourself. https://discordapp.com/invite/FVb7tNR
  21. Hello everyone I wanted to ask you if the Guardian event Quest is only available on a PC ? our on Xbox and Playstation because supposedly there is an ax in the Ancient Stone Chamber and where you can start a quest by interacting with the ax ...
  22. New Xbox guild recruiting all players both new and old. Newly started guild looking for active members. Our aim is to become a top PvP guild and participate in node war and eventually siege wars, we will always help our members with gearing up and getting strong and we will always have your back in any fight. No gear score required, we will help you with gear and PvP training. Myself DMG (guildmaster) and my friend silverfox15 (second in command) are ex synergy members. Discord links below https://discord.gg/tmDJreQ
  23. Hi, Wie es im Topic bereits steht, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gilde auf der XBox. Ich spielte BDO bereits rund 2000 Stunden via Steam auf dem PC. Da ich aber ein Xbox-Jung war und bin, wechselte ich natürlich von PC zur One und hab dort jetzt schon runde 700 Stunden Spielzeit angesammelt. Derzeit bin ich Lvl59 (48%) und Lifeskille mehr, als ins Gefecht zu ziehen. Bevorzugt gehe ich PVE ins Getümmel. Da ich 2-facher Familienvater bin und im Schichtdienst arbeite, sollte man mich nicht auf irgendwelche Zeiten festnageln. Bin i.d.R. aber im erfass- und erreichbar. Gruß Andi
  24. 🔥 Sacred Souls is recruiting!🔥 💫 Very active discord community 🏹 Weekly/Daily events, guild dueling tournaments, giveaways and more ❤ Drama and toxicity free, zero tolerance for anything of the such ⚔ Optional Node Wars are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Mandatory Seige on Saturday. 🛡 Gear Score | 500+ Caster | 520+ Zerk and Striker | 540+ all others. Exceptions can be made ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ *Looking for players available for siege on Saturday.***⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Currently we are sitting north of 80 members and looking to start locking things down. With that being said, we have room for mature, dedicated, drama free players that want to compete at a high level without the stress of a typical 'top rated' guild! Stop by our Discord, say hi, see if we are good fit for you! https://discord.gg/SFxFEgN
  25. [XBOX EU] Hello! :) Fresh, fast growing guild <BiS> is looking for strong, dedicated players to progress and build a top tier guild together. A little bit about us!; We are a small breakaway guild with plans to become a top tier guild on the EU Server, we're looking for like-minded, skilled individuals to achieve this goal together. What we offer you!; • Our members have ~530 Average GS • Experienced Players & Shotcaller • Dedicated Leadership • Fair Payout for how many nws you attended during the week • +5 AP/DR/Acc/+100HP/Gathering+2/Fishing+3/Siege weapon damage resistance +50% (Working towards the rest) • Regular mirumok grind groups within the guild •Daily NWs, not all mandatory •Regular power levelling groups •Regular BA sessions for practice on your class •Decs are always up, with at least one new one every day •Altar of blood groups •Open guild discord voice chats and party chats What we require from you!; • 480 gear score and must show you have an idea of how to use your class and/or a willingness to learn. • Discord for voice chat & node war sign up. • Frequent attendance of Node War, and everyone must carry their own weight, no free rides will be given but you will be compensated fairly. • A respectful, non-toxic attitude, we're all for banter but salty, toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are interested, or have any questions, please join our discord, we look forward to hearing from you! :) https://discord.gg/JP6JZgz
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