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Requirements Engineering for BDO console performance

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It has come to my attention that there is a group of players who are attempting to upgrade their consoles to gain PvP advantage over other players. On my PC BDO remastered client I have a G910 keyboard, Razer Mouse with Variable Sensitivity, with a SSD.  The game has full effects, fast performance with 16GB ram even on bosses.

One of the appealing issues I wanted to play BDO console is that we are all on the same equipment so player skill may have more of an effect on the gameplay than simply poeple fighting other people's machines.

Unfortunately a lot of poeple who have SSD are upset about the update because the texture buffering, data loading, and other functions are not improving for their setup.  Is there any way for Sony software to detect who is using SSD?

A comparable illustration is players who on PUBG mobile, and COD mobile who are hooking up bluetooth advanced mouses on mobile games so they can snipe, and close range fight against people on touchscreens, and then post their KDR scores when I am not impressed because it is just a difference of equipment.

I personally think using a SSD shouldn't be an engineering requirement, unless Pearl Abyss (PA), wants to change their system requirements on the game globally for the PS4 console and make it under recommended hardware.

That being said after the 2/5 patch I noticed a bootup and menu speed performance increase in the UI on console and I haven't had a chance to test world grinding or World PvP yet to see.

I personally don't have an issue with the mob reduction for polygon and texture memory reduction because you guys are having to engineer a game for the console performance requirements.  I have opted out to not buy a SSD because hopefully this game will come out for the PS5.

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