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Hello, Community!


During my time in the Rodeo(RBF) I have met many Champions of BDO! It’s always an amazing experience and different each time. The One constant, though, is people ask for different maps in rotation or alternative game modes.


The map is unbalanced for Consoles, but by adding a different scoring system it could fix it.


Anyone that has had a hardcore match might agree a MOBA setup(with the current playable Champions as they are coded) would be fun. A 10v10 capturing zones to push for the Key Location (DoTA and LoL setups.)

Capture the Flag or Capture the Hill are also valid.


Point-in-hand, the issue right now is the point system almost encourages CampLocking. But, there is so much room for growth.

See Y’all in the Rodeo!

-Kaniso , Balenos’ Resident Cowboy

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I agree with these suggestions.

Many matches are spent spawning then dying almost instantaneously.

please implement these!


edit: maybe a suggestion would maybe add a glyph that people have to stand on to get ready, then the platform drops.


ooor. Every minute interval the platform drops and you,re sent below.



new map!


maybe a coliseum, where there's two elongated sets of stairs coming out the opposite end with a drop at the bottom. 


Ancient Rome battles! 


Maybe be add some events where you could send beasts after the enemy team!



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With PUG groups more complicated games are not going to work so well.  I can be very good at these games but it always require teamwork.  Once you throw out our ability to coordinate I don’t want to do it

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