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Howdy Partners!


It’s finally here.

Are you interested in Role Play? Are you interested in supporting the community? How about just Life Skilling? 

Balenos is a RP-centric guild. We help the Balenos server by using encouragement and positive affirmation! 

We respect the fact there are children whom play this and that they need to be limited to the negativity of the world, prior to being a young adult. We avoid using harsh choice words in World and Server Chat.

If nothing else, support our Shai Brigade :

@Epsuna ; @KindKare ; @TinyLilac ; @Dr_Miya

Primary Rules:

We are on PS4 - NA - Home Server is Balenos 1 or 2

1. Respect the community

2. No homophobic or racial remarks

3. Respect World and Server Chats

4. Role Play is the center the Guild is based around.

5. Report Bugs properly

6. Last but not least Support the Community through various methods!

Some of the current activities are :


#B2RBF - Ad - (world boss timer)


We are looking for leaders to place in the community. PvP is not out of the question, as a future plan may be to implement a Police Force for PKers of new characters!


We will try to edit this topic as we expand and the community grows! Remember - It’s YOUR Rodeo Too!


-Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy

Edited by Kaniso
Changed current activities

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Hello my Name is Obi gamertag on PS4 is ObiWon19. I am looking for a guild to join as the guild I am in is in-active and the people I thought would introduce me to the world and helo me get started don't play anymore. I am hoping you guys are active and can show me the ropes as I am brand new to the game. I will respect your rules and follow your code. May I please join?

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Applicants should post their in game name. We can send friend requests through PSN but this would also be helpful.

Responses to applicant posts will be made through a reply message and not necessarily through this topic.

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Hey there! 

My friend and I are looking for a guild to join together. I always see you and Epsuna on and I thought I'd ask about your guild. 

My question is: doyou guys have LS buffs?

My Family Name is: Kioku

My PSN is: Kioku_Z

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So, as of the day of this post, we have been needing members so we can do quests to get points. We are working on getting buffs as we speak.

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