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Shai Improvements + RBF crystals.

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I'm a little baffled by how short range both buffs and debuffs are on shai, as well as the low duration on most of them.

Shais have very little protection from CCs and debuffs (CC in this game is completely broken btw, there needs to be longer CC immunity) so requiring them to get right in the face of the enemy or right on the front line as a support is madness. If you're going to require a support class to tank, give it more protections from CC. No, filling up on CC resist crystals (which I have tried) doesn't help when multiple CCs come in at once.

Double buff and debuff durations across the board OR double the range on buffs and 1.5x the debuffs.

Also, it's a bit unfair that you can get so much extra damage against humans on RBF crystals (as well as having those extra hidden AP thresholds) but there is no defensive equivalent, so how about DP crystals that fill the same slots? Yeah, I know what people will say, this game is all about attack attack attack...so why even put the Shai into the game then? It's a half baked class as is.

I enjoy playing it as it requires some thought (believe it or not) into what you are going to do in pvp, unlike some *cough* witch *cough* wizard (Had to sneak that in there)

No real complaints or suggestion for pve, it's decent at that, though buff improvements would help there too as having to rush to group to buff very often takes away too much damage. Only bug bear is the florang tending to miss 95% of its hits if enemies get too close to you.

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