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YEEEE HAAAAW! We got some more simple but Useful information, Partners!
Age_of_Sin compiled this for us, send them some Valentines Event love!

Please Note : The following information may be incorrect or “off” depending on your viewing date!


Try using any of these in a combination to gain more experience quickly :

This is for Combat Experience in particular 

Items and Effects that give Exp

Level Up Event - 100%
Book of Combat - 100%
Golden Bell - 100%
Secret Book of Old Moon - 100%
EXP Elixir - 10% or 15%
Sweet Tea - 8%
Church Buff of Growth - 10%
Villa Buff (EXP) - 10%
Magic Crystal Exp (Helmet) - 10%
Full Outfit - 10% 

Exp Scroll** - 5%
Blood Frenzy - 100% or 200%
Exp Scroll*** - 10%

Side Notes:

(*) Event or Player Activated

(**) Can be gathered at any “Campfire”.(I suggest Sausan’s or Shultz, they have plenty)

(***) Given through a quest



Well how about that! Give ol’ Sin a big thank you and a letter of affection! YEEE HAAAAW! Kaniso Out!


- Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy

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