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Balenos Red Battlefield

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Howdy, Y’all and a Great Big:

I’m here to bring you some of best Rodeo Feedback you will ever read, your eyes might just melt from all the action!

But first, a story. 
One day a lonely Cowboy was traveling, a Nomad if I may. Vast deserts covered the land as did lush, dark forests and towering cities of Stone and Steel alike.
Finally, there it was. The perfect homestead, the most positive and active citizens of an entire realm!

B A L E N O S !

It was to be his home, the Cowboy could finally settle.


The Red Battlefield has been our Rodeo since. The fights can be one-sided, the teams can be unbalanced and the Champions Over Powered, but it’s home. It’s OUR Sport. The people of Balenos took action and made it theirs.




1. NO Afk

2. NO Entering Spawn

3. Avoid CampLock to avoid Spawn Camp

Methods include :

Use Defenders for your spawn for their ONE Responsibility. Don’t go past designated zones of your choosing.

4. Drop as a group

5. Stay in groups

6. Use Team Fight Tactics

7. Respect the other team

8. COMMUNICATION through Team Chat


We at Rodeo Management want to suggest these guidelines. We cannot and will not tell you that you have to.

We know the difference between Sportsmanship-played-matches and those that are not. Our Top Priority is to share this amazing spectacle with you!


Oh, I almost forgot...

Remember, It’s YOUR Rodeo Too!

- Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy

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