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Quality of life - Different Touchpad Controls

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my suggestion is an another QOL Suggestion what can improves the game and the controls.


Access the different touchpad controls.

What does it? :

It will allow the User to set an Option ON/OFF on OPTIONS/SETTINGS in-game to choose a different style how the touchpad works.

Touchpad? :

Yes, right now at the moment you can only use the touchpad to open the Chat but with my suggestion we will able to use it for a few more things where the User can decide if he wants to use it or not.

How does the touchpad works?

The touchpad can use 3 different control styles (at least that I know), it can work as 1 control button (just press Touchpad), it can work as 2 control buttons (press Touchpad LEFT, press Touchpad RIGHT) or it can work as 4 control buttons (Wipe UP, Wipe DOWN, Wipe LEFT, Wipe RIGHT).

What should we use the extra button for?

Maybe to place an another Menu like the Map, Guild... or maybe (just a personal wish) we can put something from the ring menu on it. Or even "Emergency Exit" because that would be easier instead of press 4 (5) buttons at the same time.

Best regards

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I would also love to use the Touchpad as "mousepad" like it was done in FF XIV...

So i can actually see what the buffs do i got by howering my mouse over them and stuff. Or just use it like u would use a mouse in the PC version in the menu, cm, dialog windows and so on.

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