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Cross-Play Accounts

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P.A. should look into having a 'master account' to allow users to switch between the Playstation and Xbox without losing their current account/progress. Games like Fortnite currently allow this by having their accounts linked to a 'master' Epic account. This is something which should be considered even if the game will have to be repurchased the other platform.

My reasoning is two-fold:

1. Due to performance issues I am sure there are people who would currently love to use their XB1X instead of their PS4. I personally would love this but I have invested too much time/money in my PS account to start over on XBox. However I would gladly pay for the game on XBox if I were able to bring my account with me.

2. With the next generation on consoles on the horizon there may be people who make the switch from Xbox to Playstation and vice versa. If they are not able to bring their BDO account with them to their choice of platform they may decide to quit rather than start over or play on the previous generation console.

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