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Onscreen item viewer/counter

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Okay the title is terrible but I don't really know what this feature would be called. What I'm suggesting 2-3 inventory sized boxes that are static on the screen (maybe just left of the mini map). And essentially what we do is set an item from our inventory to display there.

On PC they have the option to drag items from inventory and place a box anywhere on the main UI. This allows players to have loot counters, or potion counters, or whatever counter they want. 

The reason I think this would be good for console players is that we have a severe lack of visual aids due to ring menus. With the advent of Fairies that can use potions for you, the need to have potions hotkey'ed is lessened. But what is still very critical is knowing when these potions have run out. So I could envision myself removing potions from my d-pad/ring menu and trusting my fairy to do the work, while still being able to see when the potion count is getting low. 

Also there might be people that want loot counters. So they can track their trash loot as they grind.

My suggestion on a simple implementation would be a toggle on/off option in the settings/display page. A basic show/don't show option. When using "show" it always displays the first 2-3 inventory slots. Which means players will need to unsort their inventory and move the desired items they want to see to the first 2-3 slots. Having it always be the first couple of inventory slots eliminates the need for a special UI for selecting items to show there.

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Do you think you can summarize in the most brief description possible so I can send it to the devs?


CM Valtarra

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