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Completely and utterly unplayable

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To give you all some context. I live in a 3dr world country in Africa called Namibia. We have decent internet but we can basically compare our latency with the Australians. I own a normal ps4 slim with no ssd. The reason why i don't own a ssd is because i firmly believe that any game thats release on the console should not require a ssd to play. i can name multiple games that runs so smoothly without a frame being dropped. I also spend way to much pearls on this game to even consider buying a ssd. Pearl Abyss needs to optimize their game better because alot of people that own ps4 pro with a ssd is having the exact same issues. 


The issues is as follow:

Frame rate drops while grinding in normal areas like Pila ku Jail or Aakman ect. 

Frame rate drops doing normal open world pvp in Arsha or on any other server. 

Frame rate drops after being hit by a mob.

Frame rate drops after being hit by a enemy player in open world pvp.

Frame rate drops in battle arena. And the more people there is, the more laggy it will become.

Frame rate drops in RBF but this is the usual shenanigans.

I'm not even going to mention NW or SG.

Now this might sound like Im hating in the xbox players but I'm not. This crossplay ruined everything. i never had any of this issues. except for the know few that was the bain of every players existence (RBF and NW/SG). This is a real issue. alot of ps4 players are quiting the game because of this. And the funny thing is, xbox players don't even play with ssd. I'm probably not the only one complaining about this but im sure Pearl Abyss is sitting in a raging fire, acting like this is completely normal. 


P.S. the devs don't actually care about the forum's.

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Sent this off from the other post you made. Again, thanks for the feedback! The devs appreciate it tremendously :)


CM Valtarra

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