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RING MENU RESET bug has reappeared with Mar18 patch

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Initially, it seemed that the patch that gave us cross play also fixed the  RING MENU / CONFIG reset bug.  At least, for me I had no problems after that point.

However, the bug is back with a vengeance with the Mar18 patch. In fact, it appears that EVERY bit of configuration, not just ring menus, has been reset.  All of these have been reset for me,  across 15 or so characters:

  • Ring menus
  • Settings
  • Quest filter settings

Additionally,  the global Character order (the order characters appear  in load screen) has also reset again.

A simple database update problem, that has been well known for over 6 months now, that they still can't manage to fix?  Just ... wow.

Hope others are having better luck, but for me, Aggravation limit reached.   I do not wish to go back to wasting 30 mins each day just fixing config as my first daily grind chore. Time to shelve this game, I think.


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That was the case with me, it reset after the update, but hasn't since then (I'm on ps4 slim)

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