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Npc's calling my Elf Archer a human in dialogue

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I apologize if this sounds silly but I just started playing bdo a couple days ago, I chose to play as an Archer since he's an Elf, and because I love Elves so I always play as an Elf in any fantasy genre or game. What I noticed though, was that in almost all relevant dialogue with npc's, they keep calling my character a human, and I'm several hours in now. Admittedly I've only been throughout Serendia and Calpheon so far though. What I'd like to know is if this is because the Archer character came out well after the initial release and the Devs we're just lazy about it concerning dialogue or maybe just an oversight, or if this happens with other Elven characters such as the Ranger and Dark Knight, perhaps a bug of some kind. The issue isn't game breaking for me but merely an increasingly annoying occurrence. I appreciate any insight on the matter, thanks.

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