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Lost/Missing Quests

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There is two quests that I noticed that disappeared. I looked up online to make sure I did everything correct. First off I love the game, and enjoy every bit of it.

- Cliff: His quest line isn't available. I'm a new PS4 player that has less than a week as well meet the requirements. I did quest lines, and meet the level requirement. I did it on two characters my Kuno as well as my Sorc. I looked up videos, and everything. I did everything right. Is this quest still available or is it bugged or only an event. I noticed the cliff thing was part of the last event as well.

-Black spirit quest: This one is weird as well... I followed the quest line very closely cause we don't have anything past tier 5 horses. So I did this to get one. I understand there are wild ones but that's RNG. Which I plan to do later cause I know the dream horses are in the distance. The quest Black spirit gift lll (Tier 5 horse) didn't show up. Amerigo's Shoes - Eagle's Talon  - Ceasar's Gloves
 - Exquisite Naga Ear Accessory - Cultist's Black Ring - Red Orc Armor - Cruhorn Helmet - Veteran Adventurer's Shoes - Wind Crystal Gloves - Chimera's Pupil Gem - Devourer Helmet - Delphad Castillion Main Weapon - Black Spirit's Gift II (Kaia Necklace) - Black Spirit's Gift II (Ultimate Delphad Castillion Main Weapon) - Black Spirit's Gift III (Weight Limit Buff) In that line from what I seen from multiple sources.

-Bartali’s Adventure Log doesn't seem to be working on my end either I did the quests on one of my characters. I can't seem to unlock the first book to do the chapters.


This just really sucks cause it's making the game longer than intended. My friend who is also playing did both of these so I know they're in the game still. Yes before anyone asks he is also on PS4.
:c super sad boy hours.

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The one thing, that many new players have not done, is turn on all quest types. Normally that should not interfere with getting some quests, but it still does (cause they are categorised as e.g. life skill quests). So if you are on your profile ingame and press r1 a few times, you get to a tab were you can select and deselect quest types. Turn on all of those and see if that enables at least some of your missing quests. 

Hope that helps!

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