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Overall Optimizations

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So...here are some ideas me and a few friends thought up,most of which being a permanent option to toggle in the settings.

1: Safe/combat zone notification (hidden/on)

It's common knowledge at some point where and when most zones are,but by default should be on for new/beginning players.

2: Hide players up to "X" Meters absolutely unless in a PVP encounter. Party members excluded,but hidden after "x" meter of FOV or simply have "show x amount of players" up to a min of 5 within so many meters. (Excludes minimap)

This would help for the AFK heavy areas greatly.

3: Hide other players Carts/mounts indefinitely when unmounted. (To aid in above)

Can express how many times I had to search for my horse in velia,yet it was less then 4 meters infront of me.

4: Hide battle damage on equipment/Outfits

This is just a preference,we get a low durability icon by the minimap & can be toggled as desired.

5: Toggled to hide excess NPC's within town that serves little to no purpose.

Games beautiful,but the extra adds drop FPS in many,many situations.

6:  hide Guild war & Not-friended player items notification.

Cool, so-so player got a item,I didn't need to know this. X guild vrs X guild,Didn't need to know either. Only need to know when my guild is targeted really,most pvp heavy zones are well beyond the usual grind spots.

7: Hide life-skill mastery notifications.

Same as above,drops fps when in combat & 4-5 people gets something done.

8: Remove notification of "action/skill unavailable" during stun,knock down etc. 

We know this,but we panic spam and the registration of that icon drops fps while in combat.

10: Show us EVERY stat within the profile page. This includes magic/ranged DP, AP bonus against anything,passive increases & so forth.

This would help alot of players understand their "builds" much better and aid in what to purchase without digging into random Google links or discords for guidance. Using the resistance section,add a scroll function to show with a default of 0 if nothing is applicable for that bonus from equipment/crystals/passives.

11: option to toggle "reduce excess grass".

This would remove abundance of overgrowth across all regions or simply reduce the texture/physics quality to boost those fps a tad more. I see more fps drops around areas like the manes,Garrisons,Shultz & more "withered" spots around mediah more then other areas.

12: Pet skills & Pickup toggle independently & permanently until relog.

I absolutely have having to check to see if my let's "talents" are on each time I put away my let's. It's rather frustrating since I usually pack'm up before a trip outside a grind session. I'd also like to choose between my 5 for which do what. Locate,pickup,look pretty,those kinda things.

That about sums it up,I apologise in advance for any typos & if any have bee  mentioned before. Love the game,just feel as if the UI & settings are stuck around 2016.

(Edit: just realized this is the Xbox forums. I'm on PS4. If it could be moved,or applied to both,much thanks appreciated)


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Thank you for your thorough list of suggestions :) I will send this off with the daily report today :)


CM Valtarra

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