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Irene Belserion

Red battlefield

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Is red battlefield on the agenda for some adjustments? The amount of people that sit up top and do nothing ruin the experience for the rest of the team. Conversely, spawn camping witchards are equally unfun when they can CC through the protection from the vendor. 


Simple solution: kick anyone that sits up top for more than 2min. I get someone may need a bathroom break but most people dont even try to contribute. 

Prevent the enemy from being able to enter the drop area and a radius around it lest they take heavy damage similar to entering an enemy fountain in SMITE. 

I also propose a different battleground for the red battlefield and a revamp to the algorithm that determines who gets put on one team for more balanced engagements. Of course the classes require balance so that there can be all classes that can thrive given the player has the skill and teamwork with their team to come out on top instead of the constant witchards and strikers running uncontested because they are so broken it's not even funny.

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I also made a suggestion for this as well a few posts down. Unfortunately the forums aren't very active, and there hasn't really been a discussion about this, which I think there needs to be.


We as players (a larger quantity than 2) need to give the feedback and our desires for this section of the game because it definitely needs support. The CM responded to mine as well saying the same thing, but it would be nice to get more than two players opinion on the matter. 


Wish these forums were more active, but it's definitely not widely advertised that it even exists.

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Thank you for your response here @J smalls I am gonna talk with the team about getting the community more involved in the forums. Thanks for the added suggestion. We also have tons of people reporting bugs and suggestions in the discord, the community is kind of split between the two. Here is the link if you wanted another resource. 


CM Valtarra

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