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Hiya to anyone with black desert For Xbox One I was just wondering how to Get up a warehouse so I can Put my silver from my storage into the warehouse for Central Market Buying?Please help.

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You must put your Silver into the Central market "Wallet" to make purchases from there.

To do this go to the Central Markey NPC {Marked on your map by a money Bag Icon}

From their menu select Central market

Press RB/LB until you reach the top tab marked "Manage Wallet"

Highlight the Central market Silver balance section {WAREHOUSE BALANCE}

A menu will pop up asking from where you wish to deposite silver from

Choose inventory/storage as wanted

Choose amount wanted




To get a STORAGE, go to any Storage NPC in Cities {marked on your map with a storage box}

NOTE: Storages are link per region, and are separate for each Region.

example: The Storage for Glish is separate from the storage in Hidel.

You can use the storage for free from the Storage NPC location OR

You can rent a storage box for 10cp and place it in any residence for quick access {during cooking / alchemy for example}

The Box will access the region storage it is placed in no matter where you rented it from.

example: if a box is rented in Glish and placed in a residence in Hidel, it will only access the Hidel storage contents.


You can also store many Items in your Central Market WALLET:

You can access your wallet from any central market NPC and the items inside are aviable in any region as a shared contents.

example : if you put grapes in the WALLET in Velia Central Market, you can access them from the Central market wallet in Hidel/Calpheon/Valencia etc.


You can also access both these contents remotely with the use of Maids / Butlers . See a guide by Grumpy G for details.



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