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PvE | New player friendly 18+ <Nuisance>

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On 4/9/2020 at 10:33 PM, DigitalDollyEh said:


We are a relaxed Xbox/PS4 PVE Guild. The guild was created August 13th 2019.We are looking for like minded adventurers to join our guild. We are a large guild currently with 70 players. If you’re a new player or veteran, life skiller or PVE, we have a place for you in Nuisance. We can provide new or experienced players help with setting up nodes, gear, class builds, cooking, processing, etc. We have tons easy to read guides for help with every part of the game.

What we offer:

-Salaries up to 1 mil based on participation.

-Daily Guild quests

-Guild events

-Power leveling

-New player friendly (gear score doesn’t matter)

-Scroll runs

-Experienced and friendly officers

-Hot spot fishing

-Extensive discord with something for everyone

-Altar of Blood

-Max buffs: combat, skill, luck and life guild buffs activated daily

Our only requirements are over 18, log on the game a few times every 14 days and don't be toxic towards members and other guilds 😁



How would I get an invite to this Guild please?

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I'm interested if your still recruiting. Musa 190ap 257dp. I afk fish and process daily, but I'm only active Thursday and Friday for 6+ hours

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