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Stun in PvE causes weapon sheathing - possible bug?

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Hi PA,

Since the last few days I have had an annoying issue during grinding Aakman.

I'm a striker and sometimes when mobs stun me mid animation when performing Spiral Cannon (or other unprotected skill) I end up stunned and my weapons are instantly put away so, instead of performing Twisted Collision while pressing LB, my character crouches receiving a TON of unnecessary damage cause crouching animation takes ages to complete. It did caused one death two days ago but happened many times for the past few days.

CC while using unprotected skills is normal but leaving combat state after this seems strange. 

This is something I was not familiar with until recently and I'm wondering if it's intended or whether it is a bug. I can't recall my weapons being put away after stun or any other CC. 

Perhaps someone can educate me on this if it's not a bug? I'm interesting to find out more. 


I'm on One X, EU. mostly on Florin. 


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Thank you for this information, I am going to talk to the GM team about it now so we can look into it. 

CM Valtarra

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8 hours ago, CM_Valtarra said:

Also, is it possible for you to provide a link to a video so we can get a better look at what is going on @Rocketfuel77777?

Will be hard, it's random and will cause my death most likely. 

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