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So. This is pretty bad actually. The New area added from latest patch crashes game continually.   It's not a small thing it's around every three seconds. It ridiculous. There's nothing around that should do that. Seems broken to me. Crashes back to Xbox home screen.

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I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time:( Here is my list of suggestions:

  • Start by submitting a ticket-- this way if there is an issue our customer service team can look into your account and figure out what it is. Here is the link for that. https://console.pearlabyss.com/Support
  • Make sure you are hard wired. This game runs best off of an ethernet cable, as opposed to wifi.
  • Do a hard reset (unplug your router and your console for 30 seconds then plug them in again) 
  • If none of this works--- delete the game and download it again.

If none of this works and our elite team doesn't have suggestions when they respond to your ticket, come back and tag me or send me a message and I will personally look into the issue.

CM Valtarra


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