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On 4/25/2020 at 5:52 AM, VoxD said:


- 2x Nodewars each week on Mondays and Fridays.

- All guild skills and buffs.

- Daily SMH guild quests, Vell, Garmoth, Khan

- Daily Miru groups.

- Active membership on Discord, helpful members, guides / teaching.



- 18+

- 500 gs required. 550+ gs preferred.

- Discord required. Mic is preferred but not required.

- PvP trial required consisting of 3-5 supervised duels.

- Especially looking for: Rangers

- More witches / wizards also always welcome :)



Supreme is an extra-large PvX guild, leaning into a more PvP focus. We are looking for active, enthusiastic, skilled PvPers to fill out our rosters. Our goal is to foster a successful, close-knit nodewar guild. We're friendly and laid back, but we're also willing to get a bit more serious and goal-oriented when it comes to Nodewars and GvG.

Not a PvP pro but want to be? This is a T1 nodewar guild, so this is a great place to build your skills.

PM me here or in game (Family: VoxD) for more info.

This is console forums. Please remove it. 

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My bad. Thanks for the heads up :)


Couldn't delete the post entirely. Can a mod help and snip this thread? Thanks!

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