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Dark Knight Crown Eagle Neck Mesh Issue

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So I did an oopsie and put this on the PC forums first because my brain is very large, but I'm gonna post the issue here since it's in the proper place now:


So I just picked up the Crown Eagle outfit for my Dark Knight and noticed that something weird was going up with the meshing/neck size compared to other female classes. The neck seems to clip into the armor mesh from behind. Here's a few pictures of the outfit on Valkyrie, Sorceress, and Ranger to show what it's SUPPOSED to look like, and the final three are showing the outfit on the DK in the shop preview and in-game to demonstrate what I mean:
I believe the set is normal around the neck of every female class BUT the DK's, but I didn't want to bombard anyone with pictures, this was just a comparison to show that something's off. Realistically, it kind of just looks like a simple meshing placement issue with the neck armor, or perhaps even DK's neck on it, but does this have any chance of getting addressed? I abosolutely love the set and thought this might have just been a part of it, but comparisons have led me to believe that DK just got unfortunately the short end of the stick on this one. Thanks in advance!"
Edit: also read the pinned thread and wanted to add:
Region: North America
Server: All? I don't think it's ever changed from switching servers, though I mainly play on Serendia-2
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