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[Lahn] Pre-boss Weapon(s) question.

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Hello again!

I would like to ask for some assistance in picking up some weapons for Lahn.

Lately I've been dying to try her out, and I wanted to do some casual play, goof around with the flying skill, because why not ;D

With that being said, are blue weapons, say pri / duo / tri at this point worth it? Will one be able to farm some spots like Nagas, Gahaz, Saunsans etc.?


For informational purposes, I have the following gears:

[TRI] Griffon, Bhegs, Dim, Urugons - for def.

[TRI] Seraph, x2 MOS rings, Kama earrings / [DUO] Drieghan belt.

I understand that she appears to be very accuracy-dependent, but I assume it won't be too much of a loss if one goes for some blue weapons first in terms of getting a good feel of the class, and silver-wise?


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