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Welcome to DMRC


Here at DMRC we would like to create a friendly community to help all new and recurring players by fully experiencing what BDO has to offer. 

Take the game at your own pace as we help you help us, at the end of the day we could all learn something new ! 

We are based in South Africa however never fear, we actively play along side the EU timezone !



Our Goals

  • 5 million daily play to all active players.
  • Teach new players the basics of BDO.
  • level up a new player from 1 - 56 within a hour , optional.
  • Teach new players fighting, farming and other elements of the game.
  • Gain Passive buffs for all members depending on each players play style.
  • Participate in node wars once a week or once every 2 weeks, optional for PVE players.
  • Take and control points across the world to experience the true PVP nature.
  • Build a guild ship and sail the sea to explore the uncharted !
  • Most Importantly, build a friendly community to escape the harsh reality of the world out side of BDO. 



  • EU based, +GMT.
  • Must Speak Fluent English.
  • Must be 18 or older, exemptions can be made .
  • Must be atleast 10 hours + active a week.
  • No toxic traits.



  • Old or previous active players have the chance to become a officer, looking for active and trust worthy players. 
  • First 20 new players will automatically receive higher wage and rewards.
  • Showing a eager the learn and ability to be trusted will result in a quicker promotion.
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Hey, im interested. 2 weeks into console xbox one bdo. Been playing before on PC. Currently at 175 ap, 220 dp archer. Active grinder and atm doing the valencia questline to get acces. 

24 yo. Should I join discord server?

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