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Remove false advertising image from site

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Since the site's launch (somewhere around mid 2018 iirc) there was an image implying sea content is in the game:



This content is in fact NOT in the game and that image was most likely taken from PC. Such images might give console players who are interested in the game, the wrong impression and make them buy the game even though the content has yet to be announced nor given an ETA for release.

New players shouldn't be potentially cheated out of their money (Games not free nor on gamepass) by false advertisement.  

My suggestion is to remove the image on your website until such content is to be announced - For your attention @CM_Valtarra.






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6 hours ago, CM_Valtarra said:

Thank you for your input, I will mention this now. Hope you're doing well over there ❤️


Thanks. Yup, these infinity potion materials wont collect them selves 🤔

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