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Infinity potions - Valterra clairvoyance gathering

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Ive been reading on reddit and some discord channels how people on PC who also have infinity potions, are explaining how they got the resources potion part known as "Valterra clairvoyance".

For those of you who dont know - This is one of several parts needed to create the resources infinity potion and the only way to get it is by tanning (a form of gathering) a chicken like monster and elephants in "Navarn steppe" in Kamasylvia.

Now, the chances of actually finding the part is roughly 1 to 10,000 (probably more) meaning people spend A LOT of time on these parts. normally people on PC spend around 3000 energy on it.

But theres a MAJOR difference between console and PC. Lifeskills have been scuffed since day 1 on console (CP dishes anyone?) And as such we of course dont have this tiny thing called MASTERY.

Mastery allows you to have several benefits in one or several lifeskills such as gathering by having a special type of gear and tools you can upgrade, much like our combat gear. The more Mastery you have the better the bonus.

Gathering mastery allows PC players to enjoy increased number of drops per gather by up to 400% for normal drops (i.e 8-16 meat from wolfs instead of 2-4) and up to 44% for very rare items, assuming "Valterra clairvoyance" is categorized as such. Combine that with a t4 hedgehog and you got yourself a hell lot more chances of getting it.

Where does that leave us? Well if PC players spend 3000 energy with high end Mastery and t4 hedgehogs, that leaves us in a very depressing place.


Perhaps console should atleast enjoy higher drop rates for this specific item or give us manos and mastery. Either way the place we are right now is officially f-ed.



Mastery info source:



@CM Trent @CM_Valtarra could you guys please find out and let us know if we actually have the same drop rate as PC for this part? That would actually help the issue a lot.

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Posted (edited)

Also hedgehog is unaffected by mastery, and with increased energy cost is half as effective.


That said, having an adjusted rate would be nice.

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11 hours ago, Anarkiller said:

There are ppl yet with potions. 

Rng is rng. That dont apply to the whole player base. 

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