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XBOX/PS4 [NA] <Presence> 18+ Community of Active Players

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 Are you looking for a guild that is active, mature, and has long term BDO goals and aspirations? Are you interested in joining trees groups, doing guild missions actively, weekly Garmoth, and other group content? Do you want more BA practice, GVG fights, and PVP opportunities without the hassle of toxicity?

Presence Is Recruiting!


      Weekly Battle Arena practice sessions

      Weekly Garmoth guild boss scrolls

      Consistent, daily Mirumok Ruins (trees) groups

      Regular, non-toxic guild vs. guild activities

      Weekly node wars preparation (working towards Tier 1 node wars participation)

      Active, knowledgeable players with guild growth in mind (always willing to help and answer questions)

      Lively Discord channel with guides, game information, and friendly conversation

      Nightly open voice chat groups for both events and casual nights

      Home server: Rulupee


Requirements to Join

     🔶 Age: 18+ [The community aims to draw in like-minded players; an age minimum helps maintain that.]

     🔶 Gearscore: 500+ [Our community is full of people who have been playing BDO for a long time; gear score is one way to see how active and engaged you are in game. The score is less important than activity and a desire to keep progressing, so we are flexible.]

     🔶 Activity: [We are made up of players who are well-rounded and well-versed in all the different aspects of the game, and are looking for like-minded individuals. We are looking for players who are active enough to have goals in BDO and strive for them.]

     🔶 Discord Mobile App: [Discord is a requirement because it allows for planning and organizing the more complex events. It is also how the guild spreads important information to all of it's members regarding pvp, events, guild missions, group formations, and other group content.]

     🔶 Temperament: [Our group of players are driven and eager to continue progressing and exploring everything BDO has to offer, but not at the cost of others. We are respectful, down-to-earth, and friendly. We have a no toxicity policy. We expect new recruits to act similarly.]


Contact Us

You can contact us for more information or to join our discord by:

     💬 Replying to this thread

     💬 Messaging the following people on Discord: Lumbee#5859 ; Ynalia (Eviscerielle)#6668 ; Valkillrie#1552 ; Me36878(Tera36)#6858

     💬 On Rulupee (our home server), send an in-game message to: Lumbee, Ynalia, Valkillrie, Tera36



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Posted (edited)

Hurray for recruiting! 

Presence is formed like most guilds these days it seems: from the ashes of a previously large and active guild. Sounds familiar right? The active players become officers, the inactive players kind of fade away, and you are left with a guild of 100 people that is really only 5 to 10 people who still play the game. 

How do you stop that cycle? How do you stop that from happening to a newly formed guild? By recruiting like-minded people and by actually paying attention to the community. We are not interested in having a guild full of solo-oriented grinders. We are not interested in having a guild where the highest gear score people stroke their ego over the lower gear scored people.

We at Presence truly want a community of people who enjoy the game, and enjoy playing it with others. If any of this interests you, join our Discord and meet us. If you find that we mesh with you and your play style, stay a while on our Discord and chat with us. If you find that you really like our community, and what we have to offer, join the guild in game and play with us. If you join and see that we are not for you, feel free to go on your journey with no hard feelings.

We at Presence sincerely hope that you all have a good time playing Black Desert.

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Hello there, 

I have been playing this game for a couple of day and I like it's depth and potential. 

I have been playing mmorpg games for many years and will like to stick around. 

Is it possible to join you? 

From your description it looks you are an organised and friendly bunch. 

Hope you can reply soon. 


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Hello I don’t have a 500gs but I would really like to have a group of people to play BDO with. I am a 52 archer

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Hi @Kahuna! If you have gear in the 480 range that is ok too. We have a gear score requirement because of the content and areas in the game where we play. Dont want to constantly do things to alienate some members so we decided to have the gs requirement.

If you're not in that range then definitely keep us in mind for the future when you are!

Good luck and happy gaming :)

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