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The Guiido

NA Siege/Node Guild - <Arsha> - 560GS REQ + PvP Trial

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Arsha is recruiting active players for Siege and Nodewars. We strive for the best and nothing but. 

We are looking for 261+ AP or 700 (560) evasion players of the following classes below:
🌕 Striker/Mystic
🌕 Berserker (Must be full AP build)
🌕 Archer
🌕 Wiz/Witch (exceptions can be made depending on situation)
🌕 Cannon Team

We will always trial exceptional players. Feel free to join our discord and apply at our website. After you drop an application someone from our recruitment team will reachout to you. When we get in contact with you we will then go ahead and set up a date that works for you for a trial.

You are expected to come into the trial with an already existing understanding of your class and kit. Additionally, with a gear set up and crystal set up that molds into the meta of the game and PvP. 


*An extremely helpful, fun and active PvP/PvE/Hunting Community. We will help you out with anything and everything you will ever need backed with experience. Furthermore, we hold some of the best players in the game.*

*Siege Payouts.*

*Garmoth EVERY Week.*

*Extremely Flexible Schedule Opportunity*

*CTG Options*

*Guild Buffs that can be popped whenever YOU want.*

*Professional Envirorment*

If you think you have what it takes, and are committed to the game, drop an app today.



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