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tldr: Players should be given the ability to customize the colors of mini-map icons and boss/aggressive AOE indicators. Please. 😔 🤔 Show some love to the colorblind players! 

I would like to suggest that players be given the ability to change the colors of some of the color based indicators. For example, and most important in my opinion, mini-map icons and enemy AOE indicators/telegraphs. 

As a new player to Black Desert, I have found myself really enjoying the game. Among all the quirks of the game, there is only one issue that I feel hinders my experience. 

I am colorblind, and throughout my life I have managed to overcome most color-involved situations. 

Video games, however, have proven to be difficult challengers to this situation. My problems surround the colors red and green specifically, and some blues. Unfortunately, BDO:Console, as with many other games, utilize these colors near each other--making them nearly indistinguishable from each other. 

In BDO:Console when I am playing I am unable to visually recognize red enemy/boss icons against the green background that dominates the mini-map. Happen the interaction occurs in a region where the mini-map is not primarily green, I can sometimes make it out much better. If I am mobbing quest targets, however, I can see the mini-map icons right away. The small change of color to Quest targets o. The mini-map makes them very obvious. 

Also, when fighting bosses, or other aggressive with AOE effects, I eventually noticed a red telegraph, or red AOE area indicator, that shows as the monster is casting, or preparing to cast, an AOE ability. 

In both of these cases the primary situation is that red is used against green, making it nearly impossible for a colorblind person to utilize such important features of a game. 

If I were given a chance to change these settings, I would change the color of monster/mob/boss icons on the mini-map to yellow or even a brighter red. The AOE telegraph/indicator that shows on the ground, I would also change to yellow, or dark blue. 

In a previous mmorpg I played, at first the monster telegraphs, AOE  indicators, and mini-map all used the same color schemes that BDO:Console uses now. I never could rely on these indicators in my gameplay, as I would never see these indicators in time to react- and often died from easily escapable mechanics. However, they eventually gave us the ability to change the color, shade, and intensity/opacity of these indicators--and it completely changed my gaming experience. 

It would be an amazing, and hugely impactful, way to enhance the user experience for every player of BDO:Console. All players will benefit from this suggestion, not just those of us who are colorblind.

I realize that the vast majority of players do not see this as an issue, not like those of us who are colorblind. However, once players are given the ability to customize these settings they will never want to be without this feature. 



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