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<PS4> Active PVX/Life Skill Player LF Guild

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Hey BDO world,

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to find guilds that are active, no drama and have a good mix of PVX/Lifeskilling, I've decided to take to the forum! 

I have 3 main characters so far, Lahn (lvl 59), Shai (lvl 56) and Wizard (lvl 56) that I'm currently working. I'm not so much into PVP right now mostly due to strength and needing $$$.

I've been doing a lot of fishing and exploring lately and want to share that with a guild that is active and shares the same interests. 

I'm drama free and I want to same in a guild, non of this perma dec stuff people keep doing to create guild beef. The only beef I want is from the cow and mt butcher knife ;) I'm on daily and love to help out with guild missions, sharing knowledge, learning new things and helping other peeps out. I want to see guild chat active with people chatting and greeting people so it feels like a family.

If this all sounds like your guild environment, comment here and I'll connect with you. I'm in a guild currently so I want this to be worth the 4th guild move. 


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