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Margoria Sea/Workshop bug

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EU - XBox 


So there is some kind of bug, i explained this on stream as well on last one.

When we are on margoria sea and you go to map and inside the epheria ship building workshop you can offcourse manage your workers making the ship for you.


But while you are doing that and your sailboat is on auto going forward over the margoria sea and get hit by a sea monster the UI bugs out. Basicly the screen return to ship but you can still sea and hear the workshop UI when moving the stick. Only option to leave it is restart game nothing else works.

Offcourse this can also mean if you press Y and cancel the build its all gone. So to summarize short.


1. Auto sail on margoria

2. Go map and workshop sailboat epheria

3. Get attacked by seamonster

4. Draws you partially out of the workshop view and you are sailing with a half open and hearable workshop UI.

5. Its easy to then press Y and cancel the build.


I dont have a video because i had to close game when being there for few mins and getting attack by a sea monster, also not very keen on doing it again but it went exactly as explained. Hope it helps!



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