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Few bugs I found

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Most notable is the 180 camera spin from double tapping a direction should have a disable option. - FIXED

Quest tracking is untracking quest by itself while your doing the quest

New skills don’t tell you how many skill points they cost, not sure if a glitch or just forgot to implement?

Cant increase guild cap past 15.

voice chat says no mic is plugged in.

Text chat doesn’t work half the time when I enter it.

Can't look at skills while auto pathing

At the guild manager you can't buy anything if you go to your inventory then back over to guild manager and you can't select to use your own money to buy anything

Only living creatures give you XP no huts/trees with enemies//houses//barricades//etc. 

Yellow lines will sometimes come across the edge of your screen.

Sometimes the wheel menu will not activate your skills

Sometimes wizard teleport doesn't activate when you cast and it just jumps even while holding LT first


Will post more here when I find more 


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During the learn the wizard spells, when it said hit down and r to fireball twice, I depressed the left button to turn on auto run and it took me out of town for about 5 minutes before I decided that I had to do it back in town. Not sure where it was set but a newb like me almost ended up lost.

Good thing about beta is catching this stuff.

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1. In the Castle Ruins node, the Al Rhundi followers that spawn in a large pack up in the castle area, nearby where Al Rhundi himself is/was (? never saw him spawn) are not visible, but are able to be killed and can be seen on the mini map. 

2. Party members more often than not appear with their hp bar over their head being black and looking as if they have no health. 

3. Guild quest contribution doesn't appear to be registering toward completion. 

4. Game crashes on loading screens pretty often. 

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