Our voices resonated all the way to PA The Y hold mechanism was reduced from 0.74~ to 0.2. Combine it with the instant "loot all" mechanism and were on par with the PC gathering time. Pets still should be used to monster looting either way. Further testing will be done once the game is released. I'd like to thank everyone for their support and comments on this topic and a special thanks to the BDX staff that show us over and over that the community and players have a strong voice and that we are not ignored.       Thank you.       ------------------------------------------------------------ What we represented:  - 82% voted for a click action in gathering / looting - - Multiple replies in favour of the click action -  - No actual explanation for the necessity of the "Y hold" action in gathering / looting was given - - The importance of gatherers to the economy - - Evidence of the duration of holding Y in gathering / looting (0.74 seconds) - - Calculation of time consumed of average players in gathering (30~ minutes/week) - - Calculation of time consumed of "hardcore" players in gathering (110~ minutes/week) - - Imbalance proved as pets "solve" the issue while no solution is present for gathering -     ------------------------------------------------------------ Whats been tested: I've done some Button holding tests using the following site on my smartphone www.holdthebutton.com.  I used my index finger with both hands,  One on the controller and the other on the phone's screen. These are the results of the measurements i did: I did 60 button hold tests under 2 conditions, 30 Normal and 30 with "lag" (3 running youtube videos, torrent seeding, phone wifi). There's not a big difference between the 2 but what it shows us is that the hold time is 0.74 seconds ------------------------------------------------------------   What we accomplished: A reduction of roughly 0.5 seconds from gathering and monster looting.     Cheers