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Some questions you can answer or for Simon + little bonus

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hello everyone, before everything I apologize for my english, i'm French, and i'm trying to be good at english.

So, I have some questions for the beta and for the full game:

The "A Worry Resolved" quest will get a patch in the beta?

Can i cook the fishs separately or I can only with the recipes in the game?

There will be other languages for the full game or not?

And if yes, can we help for translations?

Last thing, I think is a good idea to drop grass, water and some other effects quality for having less clipping and a better render distance on Xbox One and Xbox One (S)




Actually it's just a beta, but I really love this game ❤️

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i missed one word lol
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u can process fish in a few ways...i think u can use simple cooking in the processing menu. im not sure about how to get to it on console though because the ui has changed a bit.

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