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Various Settings (Deadzone, Performance, etc)

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Just suggesting deadzone options for the joysticks some time in the future.

If you don't know what deadzones are: it's essentially a slider that determines the needed amount of pressure applied to the joystick before it inputs blahblah command.

Important for those who like it a certain way, have shakey hands, or, in my case, comma, a disfuntional controller that enjoys the look of the sky.


As for performance, it's actually pretty good, considering I'm playing on a day-one console. 

Frames drop heavily crowded areas full of players, and some "zone" transitions such as standing on the edge of Heidel in some spots. (Which I discovered both of which during and after the wheel barrow event earlier today)

Either limiting the amount of players allowed on screen, or giving us the option to do so ourselves, if possible, would be dope.


Soz if this isn't a fleshed out suggestion, first time doing this.

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