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Family name: Crimzon

Server: Glish



So me and a friend noticed a bug with selling/buying and taking things out of bank and putting things in.


Bank - the issue I've found is that when I sell good bars or silver to them, they take the item but not give the money for it. With items I've tested it multiple times and they say that they gave it to you but they don't and it's gone for ever. (I miss my trading items T_T). This issue is cleared up after you relog in but you still loose the items/money from the banker.

Stores - buying and selling seems to have a issue where you sell something to him/her, they take it but you don't get any money for the item. Same goes for buying you buy a item don't get it but loose money for it. Issue is fixed once you reblog but still at a decrease of money.

I so far I've only noticed it occurs at heidel city.

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The money pops up in your storage locker in your house or go to the same guy to withdraw your money 

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