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Server issues using [Changing Servers] (Updated Again Nov,12)

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Region: NA
Server: Kephlan
Bug description:  Can Join Some servers but can't join other servers. Issues Seems to be when using the Change server option and it blocks you from joining the server you wish to Join. Also when going into the game and getting a black screen and you are forced to close the client down.

Cause By: I think the game thinks we are already in the game and on that server already but when are logging back in again the game get's confused and crashes and disconnects us from the game server. 

Reason: I tried with one Xbox live profile to get to a certain server (game keeps crashing/ Disconnecting me). I change to a different Xbox Live profile and went to that same exact server and it let me Join the Server.

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Figured out more information to help bug report

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I was able to repro this with Trieuii earlier.  We saw it most frequent with server changes but there were other instances where if the game crashed(assuming its crash because you get black screen) you could not reconnect to the server you were in before the crash. 

Repro Steps :

  1. Connect to  a sever
  2. Once in game change  severs. 
  3. On changing servers if you get a long black screen restart the application
  4. Log in and try and join a server. Note you will see the temporary ban on joining other servers. 
  5. You will not be able to stay connected to the available server

Your guild mates can see you sign on, and disconnect. Message for the user is Disconnected please try again. 

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To add to this: when I got home from work and attempted to log into Black Desert I was met with this error message you see in the attachments. "Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again."

Alright, sure. I tried again. Same thing. I thought, I guess I'll wait the 15 minutes and try a different server. I tried that and yet again I am met with the same exact issue. Foolishly, I waited yet another 15 minutes to try a 3rd server only to get the same exact message. So I have wasted over 45 minutes just banging my head against a brick wall here.

So, I am at a loss. My xbox is definitely connected to the internet. I can get to the server select screen. I can get to the character select screen. But once I try to connect my character, it just hangs for about 15 seconds and then *poof* I'm back on the title screen with the aforementioned error message. If need be, I can provide video of the entire loop I'm stuck in here.


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Same happened to me as Rush above several times. It would take hours to finally get into the game. I tried restarting xbox but nothing helped. I also had trouble when switching servers and would be disconnected which led to the above all over again. I started having the first issue during day 2 of the beta I believe. I got disconnected during the evening milking event and started having these problems. I would also get a black screen instead of the main screen. I would have to go to my home screen and quit bdo from there and then restart. 

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