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Marooned on Mariveno Island - Must be low tide

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Raft is stuck on shoreline at Mariveno Island. It must be low tide! Near Andorsen NPC.

Tried manual moving, auto run, moved way point, etc. Switched servers. Raft is stuck on  shoreline. 
Used ESCAPE to move to safe place and it put me on Weita island without my raft. 
Looks like I'll drown before getting anywhere else now.


NA server

11/12/2018 ~4:00pm


Black Desert (BETA) (4).png

Black Desert (BETA).png

Black Desert (BETA) (2).png

Black Desert (BETA) (3).png

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I had this same issue but I'm not sure it was at the same place. The npc was fishing and it was near the horse icon above Velia. I eventually had to swim and while swimming I would glitch. I explored a bit and found the purple pirate chests. Trying to get back to Velia or anywhere else was gonna take forever with the swimming issues so I had to finally use the rescue button in menu. 

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