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Moon - [NA] [PvX]

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Moon, the #1 Black Desert Guild Experience

Exquisite is an helpful, friendly & competitive guild.  We are focused on PvP with PvE on the side.

We plan to be in the Top 3 Guilds and will do everything to get & stay on Top.

Once available, we will schedule a variety of Guild Bosses and Sea Monster Hunts to help our members upgrade their Sailboats and Frigates.

Great communities are built on active players, members are expected to make time for the Guild and fellow Guild mates.  Therefor, we will trim inactives every week (If offline for 7 days) to make room for those who are actively playing & contributing.  Think of it as a way of keeping the Guild alive.

You'll have a 7 day contract as a test trial to determine if this is the guild for you or not.

Discord is a must for all members. If you don't have a mic or don’t wish to talk that is fine. We keep all members up to date on new content of the game through different channels & we have our own guides for newcomers.


Recruiting Goals:
Level Priority
1-59: Normal
60: High
61: High
62: Very High

Gear Requirements
Renown Score: 1+ (This value will change every month)

Class Priority
Warrior: Low
Berserker: Normal
Ranger: High
Sorceress: High
Wizard: Very High
Witch: Very High

 We will eventually have every guild buff: Combat buffs (Accuracy+5, AP+5, HP+100, DR+5) , Siege Resist 50%, Trade Protection 50%, Fishing+3 and Gather+3 with Guild Galley and Guild Elephant.

-> Join our Discord Server
-> Be respectful
-> No drama
-> Be active
-> Follow the gear requirement

If you are interested, send me a DM on Discord: Tungrad#9545
Or you can always message me on Xbox: Tungrad 

We thank you all for reading & we're looking forward to having you in Moon!









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