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OBT issues I encountered.

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First let me say this I had a great time playing the game and to discover that the class I disliked cuz of the control's on PC was the one that worked for me the best to play on the console for them wondering its a witch. 

Now to the issues I encountered: These are not bug's but thing's I'd like to have be reworked/upgraded and all of them are for the introduction of BDO's combat.

1st there was a quest trying out your skills and some of the rotas *basics of them, I found it hard to rap my head around despite pressing the right buttons but still not getting any wear as despite pressing the right things it did not accept it thus Id suggest getting a small animated controller showcasing the buttons you have to press that would help to understand what is you want me to do.
It probably would be a 2 sided animated or recorded video of sorts showcasing top and front side of the key's to see clearly what would be needed to be pressed this is as well tho for a mouse and a keyboard on the PC version what does help a lot.

*Keep in mind I'm a PC player coming to a Console and this was my very first experience playing a game on this platform.

2nd would be the lack of the info bar regarding your basic skill's + combo's on screen, now I dont know if that was intentional or if that would be a section for the UI as a optional change but the fact that it was missing made me almost each time fighting a higher tear mob or the summoned mini bosses to a oufluff situations what was my heal how to dodge or teleport fluff what is my biggest hitting skill, moments this is available on the PC version but but for some reason we did have how to do basic things to open menus what was hax not needed from me on them moments. I'd suggest to if you want to keep it to have a transition from one to another: none combat we have our how to access or do basic things on the controller, in combat that changes to our basic skill + basic combo guide.

3rd would be the confusion regarding skill tree, as far as I know many ware not satisfied how you made the choice for it to look and I'd agree even or me it was confusing and to this day I still didn't figure it out so suggestion for that would be to get the old layout that did have the animations and the corresponding keyguid's but this I'd prefer to leave for the more experienced players to debate on. 

And lastly as many pointed out the lack of graphic adjustments but as far as I understand that is being already taken care off. 

That would be all the issues I had withe the game's current state thus far, I'd liked if I would have had more time to play it as I really had a good time doing so but all good things come to a end and this was that. All in all I'm excited for the release. 

Thank you all for your work thus far. 
Regards Astolti 

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I support your first suggestion whole heartedly. After watching more then I care to share on BDO. I see they have this with keyboard and mouse. I think having something that shows you the skill and some combo configurations on an animated controller would be a very nice quality of life fix, especially for all the new players coming to grips with the combat. Many people are visual learners and this would severely help them. Now I personally have a pretty good idea on how to make combat roll smoothly, but I'd still find this very useful. 


Not quite sure your meaning on 2, you played pc previously, seems they had a visual aids regarding combos? I don't really know and don't have input. 


As far as the skill tree goes. I share the same concerns. As with many other players. I think there's been enough of a response that we will see some adjustment/overhaul to that stale mess. 


My main bug that I came across was going into your inventory and upon exiting the screen, you'd be stuck without movement for multiple seconds. Ranging from it not happening to being stunned for 5 seconds. This 100% seems like a bug due to the inconsistent timing of it. Also how ludacris would it be for us to get punished for using items from our inventory. Sure you'll be using the ring menus mostly for mid battle items. But there are times when you still pop something from your inventory. Almost controller throwing inducing in combat some could say, to being a small hindrance when your safe.

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Mention the main bug I came across

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