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Ethereal Realm's Recruiting

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Little bit about myself, I'm a black desert online vet who has shed out hundreds of hours into this game on PC and knows the ins and outs of the game, however I'm looking to start up a new guild of like minded people who are ready and willing to start a new adventure and together and rise to the top on Xbox.

Ethereal Realm's is looking for hardcore (softcore players welcome, but must have a skill exp: crafting ECT.) players for pvp and guild crafters are more then welcome to join. Softcore players are welcome as long as your willing  to learn and contribute to the guild in some way.


Regions US/EU/AUS

Why include other regions, me personally I play all hours of the day so having someone on hours that most are sleep will help the guild advance rather it's guild levels or guild crafters. However if your not in the US and would to do node wars and other guild war activity's. You may want to make  sure your are available for US times. 



Most yet to be decided. One thing is for sure, we will have in game GUILD tornaments(duels). Will also use this system along with how long and individual is active online to determine your rank in the guild. This is no place for the weak only the powerfully are allow to advance. Unless your a guild crafters kukukukuku😂. Prizes may also be included.


Guild node wars members duty's.

Hit soft cap 61 have atleast 1500 skill points. With in the first 2 months. Do not worry I'll instruct the noobs on how to obtain this with In a shorter period of time and help you along the way. 


Gear we will talk about gear at a later date, how to enhance and fail stack as well.


All classes are welcome however priority is as listed. unless you Excell at the class. Later newcomers will be evaluated and tested through duels with specific individuals in the guild with certain ranks and criteria.

High to low: witch/wizards Warriors, Berserkers, sorcerers, rangers.

All classes are welcome at this time.

This will change drastically as patches and new classes are implemented.

If you're interested leave your gamer tag in the comments section. If you like you can also share a bit about what your specialty's are MMOs experiance is or what your looking to accomplish once the game is released I'll be checking back and making updates regularly. See you in game.

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I might be interested, I would probably play a wizard or a warrior until striker comes out. I have a ton of experience with MMO's, but I haven't played black desert before. Grew up on mmo's pretty much lol. I purchased an Xbox just for this game though, so I fully plan on grinding and afk grinding 🤪

GT RisedAgainst

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Forgot my GT :P

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