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Add Turning While Using Skills

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In PC version most people had "Mouse Movement" Turned on, although it was largely a nuisance for getting A to B. It however allowed you to Turn Mid-Skill and land it in different direction than you started. This is most notable in classes with long animations such as Wizard / Witch, Berserk etc where you start casting skill in PVP and could respond to enemy trying to outflank you before it landed or stopped channeling.

This is incredibly valuable tool as some classes are locked in animation for seconds which feel like an eternity in PVP. If you are static, you easily risk someone will go around and back-damage you for extra DPS. What i would love BDX to include from the start is ability to simply turn around while casting any skill. This is much like Wizards Skill Blizzard that turns character facing while leaving you static unless you use an interrupt.

I'm afraid that without this ability many players will tend to avoid certain skills as those will simply leave them open for full duration. Automatic change of direction where you are facing with your char would help greatly improve play-ability and user experience.

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