For anyone looking to start with the ultimate pack I would like to help you get the most for your $ out of the items included. Here are my suggestions / tips on how to use this pack effectively: The Costume: Your costume will be character bound (if it follows the standard of other versions). Make sure to open this on your main character. This will grant you a combat exp buff (among other lesser buffs) and save you a 30$ purchase further down the road. The 90 day value pack: The main draw of this pack is that you will receive a lesser tax on selling items in the market place (meaning you'll make more overall silver).  It also has some smaller features that differ based on region, for example some versions include Merves pallet (unlimited dyeing of items with all colors) while some reigns sell this separately.  If you are looking to play the game heavily this is a must have, and starting with 3 months is a great boost. The 2 pets: Pets are essential for grinding in BDO and getting a small boost in the beginning can make all the difference. These 2 pets should hold you over until you begin grinding for silver (around Calpheon).   I would recommend sticking with these 2 pets, and buying one additional t1 pet (with some of the pearls given in the pack) as the first thing you do in game once you have access to the store. Run with these 3 pets until you begin the silver grind ~lvl50 then look to upgrade to 3 T3 pets (with your remaining pearls). As we gain access to Media you may want to look into grabbing a 4th and 5th T3 pet once you begin the Sausan grind. The Horse: The horse will be decent for leveling but quickly become useless (unless you hit the horse lottery off the bat). Once you are grinding silver your first major purchase should be a horse with Instant Accell, Drift, and Sprint.  Keep your eyes on the horse market (I recommend checking every time you bank) for a horse with this skill combination. This horse will speed up your travel time significantly, decreasing down time in every aspect of the game. Horse Armor / Wagon skin: Both cosmetic, no real function 10 x exp scrolls: New players will be tempted to blow these out of the gate to get to 50 quickly :AVOID this trap:  Save these scrolls until you are set up to grind silver in a solid rotation. You will get way more mileage out of these once you have your weight upgrades, a fast horse for banking, and a rotation where you can kill endlessly for the entire duration of the scroll. Horse Flute: Allows you to call your horse from further away. Useful but by no means necessary. A nice quality of life item.   Storage maid: You can lace this item in any player owned house (bought with CP). The maid will allow you to bank one item every so often in the bank of the region the house is located in.  These are particularly useful in mass (20+ maids) to extend grind trips indefinitely (limited only by gear repairs) but this method is expensive. Having one will allow you pull potions from storage remotely in the case of node wars which can be invaluable. * Note * You can pick up the maid and move it to a home in a new reigon at any time to allow yourself access to the bank in that region. 3000 Pearls: Without seeing the prices of items there are a few recommendations on how to spend this initial batch. First you will want to buy a 3rd pet right out of the gate. Having 3 pets from the start means you are both collecting all loot as you level and you are leveling up those 3 pets, making the more efficient once you begin silver grinding. If you plan to grind heavily , and know that your current character will be you main, feel free to grab all of your weight upgrades. The more you can carry the longer your grind trips will be meaning less downtime and more profit. *note* Weight is character bound. Only do this if you plan to stick to only this character. If you do not buy your weight you will have plenty of pearls left by the time you hit 50. At this point you will want to dump these into buying more pets(of the same category) to smash together. Your goal at this point will be to get 3 T3 pets. (eventually aiming for 5 T3 pets by the time Media launches). You can go for T4 pets if you dont mind spending large sums of money for a slight advantage (roughly 100$ USD per T4 pet). T4 pets will pick up loot instantly instead of waiting a second to begin collecting. Other than the instant grab T3 pets have the same pickup rate as T3 pets. And the best for last 72 hours of early access: This is easily the most valuable thing we get with the pack. For this section though I will tell you to do some research, create a plan. Jump on to one of the PC versions and figure out what is possible with a new character of your class in 72 hours. This will set you ahead of the pack by miles (the snowball effect). I wont be giving out my plan here on the forums but highly suggest you create your own.    I hope this helps some of you interested in buying this pack. See you all in there!