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Possible <Red> Negative Karma Guild

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Hey guys,

There is a possibility that we will be hard capped at 50 for some time on launch.

If that is the case, being that +15 gear is easy to replace if broken on death, there will be no drawback to playing in permanent pvp mode and going negative.

If we are hard capped I will be gearing heavily the first week (including early access), then going -1mil karma and mass murdering everyone I see in any relevant endgame grind spots until the hard cap is lifted.

If you a heavy grinder and hate being gated (for no reason) and would like to partake in the fun on launch toss me a PM in game.

We would be the "pirates" of the game. Good fun.


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5 minutes ago, Tekeii said:

Soft cap is 55

Actually hard cap is 55 but when they made this post it was 50, gg community :D we did it! 

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