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Game of Thrones! The EU PVP politics thread

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As many of you know, BDO is a game where there are politics, GVG, PVP, betrayals and tactics!

When the xbox version implements node and castle sieges, the server politics will reach a new level

But until then, GVG is hella fun in open world as well!


It's still early but I know a lot of players on EU are watching bdx in silence and waiting for a fresh start coming from pc, so if you/your guild are on EU and are interested in PVP, feel free to post about it here!

ps: if you're afraid those coming from pc will have an advantage, dont worry, the learning curve on controller will be there for them too! If you're used to the xbox controller, that helps too :) 


Bilderesultat for winter is coming gif¨


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