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Rules of the Forum

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Greetings Adventurers! 

We're looking forward to having you all post and discuss Black Desert on our forums. Our Community Management team are here, and even if they don't get to respond to everything, we will be reading here every day and reporting to those in charge.

To make everyone's lives easier on the forums, we kindly request that you take a look at the rules below and keep them in mind when posting to the forums. We don't want to delete your posts, but if you break the rules we might just have to. 

  1. BE RESPECTFUL- This one shouldn't be too hard. Remember everyone that you're talking to is a human (yes, even the trolls are human too). Please treat everyone the way you want to be treated, unless you like to be treated badly, then treat people the opposite. 
  2. No Cursing- Posts containing curse words will most likely be deleted, but on the rare occasion they are not, please report them. We value your free speech, and you are more than welcome to share your opinions, but cursing doesn't really help your points. Any curses that are of the mystical kind will be removed by our in-house wizard. 
  3. Calling Staff Members- Please don't make posts that call specific members of staff to your posts.We read as much as we can, and process a lot of information that we may not be able to reply, but we do look at everything. 
  4. Petitions/Protests/Calls to Action-  There are occasionally Hot Topics in the community which get posted to the boards. It's what they are here for, and what we expect when we open the forums. What we ask for is for these Hot Topics to be centered in ONE post. This helps us to help you, as we can scrape information from one post with 1000 replies easier than 1000 posts with one reply. 
  5. Use the Search Bar- The search bar is there for a reason. If you're looking for a generic topic like "What armor should I use on my Warrior" then take a look at the search bar first. The question may have already been answered! 


Unwanted Topics
Although we want you guys to be free to post what you want to post, we do ask that the following topics remain off the boards. 

  • Obscene languages/topics
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Harassment 
  • Defamation
  • Encouragement of illegal activities (including drug use)
  • Politics and Religious discussions


If you are caught breaking the rules that are listed here, or we have to add a rule due to your actions, we will punish your forum account accordingly. The severity and length of your ban will depend on how many times you've been caught in the past, and also what exactly you did. The punishment is at the discretion of the Community Management team. 


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