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DeadSerious BDX Hardcore PvP guild [NA] [Sunday NodeWar Winner]

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 💀 DeadSerious BDX💀


DeadSerious BDX is now recruiting highly dedicated players.This guild is not for the faint... We are a intensively dedicated PvP guild.And been growing since Beta 1. We are looking for trustworthy, loyal an very dedicated people to the guild/game. Are ranks are already filled with years of experience from PC players so all you new guys can feel right at home an comfortable in such a diverse overwhelming game. We have big goals to live up to we will be a superior guild on the servers by incorporating organization, preparation, tactics and team work. We will be sure to keep guild roster capped at 100 spots it will become very competitive at launch ( we expect all who want to join to be a daily player) as we want to make our presence known. As of right now we have 40+ players.


Once again we are a very hardcore PvP guild an plan on being a top contender in Castle siege/Node wars we require 80% attendance to all sieges and NWs and we will have a monthly gear progression goal or it will result in a kick. As competition will be fierce! 




  • Great community of players
  • Weekly relic runs
  • Week boss scroll runs
  • Weekly guild boss scrolls
  • Daily payouts (varies from guild contribution points)
  • Years of knowledge from pc players
  • 24/7 active guild so everyone will always have someone to play with grind,level,PvP ect ( Atleast 1-2 officers will ALWAYS be on)
  • Guild skills
  • Detailed guides on every aspect of the game
  • 1v1/2v2/3v3 tournaments (winners get pearls/ silver payouts)
  • Monthly pearl give aways 
  • Castle siege/Node wars 
  • PvP practices/training 
  • Guild calendar that displays all upcoming guild events that you can access from anywhere. 




DISCORD- This is our main way our communication you must join!

Headset- Must have a working mic an headset. 




Thanks for considering DeadSerious




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Add: (DeadSerious) NukeEm😎 on discord if interested or add gt below and I’ll get to you

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Hey man would love to join your ranks. I’m  very experienced player I’ve been playing since the alpha for PC an would love to bring my experience over to you guys 😁

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